Posted by: JennyRain | September 3, 2010

Mr. Fix It: Organizing my world (HE:creates)

My husband is a Mr. Fix it, just like my dad and my step-dad.

I love that about all of them.

My hubby’s knack for fixing things has fixed many a broken item, which is good, because I break a lot of things!

But John has never surprised me with a fixer-upper job.

Until Friday.

Last Friday I came home from work and John asked about dinner.

You see, I have taken over the food-buying and cooking responsibilities in an attempt to help us both eat more healthy. John has taken to this new adventure of mine like an early-bird on an earth-worm… you know what I’m sayin?

He has gone from fending for himself in the kitchen {please don’t throw tomatoes at me folks, I’m still a newlywed technically!}… to now inquiring, “Hey, um, whatcha cooking for dinner?” or “What am I going to do for dinner?” if I have not yet told him my meal plan.

Who knew husbands could forget how to cook so fast?

Truthfully, I love it.

I’m contributing to our household, helping us stay healthy, and bringing a smile to my husband’s face – so it’s a win-win.

Now where was I? Oh yeah… Mr. Fix It.

So Friday rolls around, I come home and John says, “Hey what was that spice that you put on the fish last week? It was really good!”

Always looking to teach men to fish (rather than just give them a fish), I rushed to the spice cupboard with the intention of showing John the spice I used (you know, so he could learn to cook with it the next time… a’hem)

Moving on.

So throwing open the door to my single-shelved, over-stuffed, way-too-small spice cupboard, I see this:


I had never in a million years seen my spice cupboard so organized. It was… it was… it was…

Absolutely Delicious!!

And all the more delightful that my husband created this magnificent masterpiece:



Oh, but it gets better.

He was so delighted at my happy dance and instant tweet-fest about my new shelf, that he created this for me on Saturday to organize my pug cupboard!

He not only created the shelving, he organized the cupboard.

Now, don’t fall off the kitchen stool y’all.


All the ladies in Bed, Bath, and Beyond wanted to give me their addresses so John would come and create them shelves too!

So, today, I am entering my sweet hubby’s creativity in my friend Gitz’s weekly “YOU:create” series.

I know I didn’t technically create anything, but my husband did and we are “one flesh” right? So that counts!Β Therefore, I hereby dub this post: HE:creates πŸ™‚

Gitz is one of the most creative people I know, and has “created” a community of “creatives!” so run on over and see what other folks have done… I promise, it will enchant you.



  1. Very cool! My husband can fix things, too – and I just can’t imagine living with a husband who can’t. I am SO spoiled in that way!!

    • me too friend! me too!

  2. This is wonderful!!!!! I love how he told you about the spice cabinet.

    • he so sneaky like that!

  3. Haha…I loved this. I feel like I know you even better because I felt myself envisioning your reactions. Good man you have!

    • He is such a good egg… slightly cracked, but definitely a keeper!

      We are scrambled eggs together πŸ™‚ love that!

  4. I love creative husbands πŸ™‚ My hubby has great creativity too and when he’s out of ideas I can give them new once.

    Once I decided we need a new bed in the visitors room. I planned out the details and he followed the directions (just like every great hubby does). Four hours later we had a new cool, contemporary style bedroom. Much more stable then more sold in the stores.

    • LOVE this… a honey-do list πŸ™‚

  5. Hug him for me and tell him, “That’s from Kris for making her dear friend Jenny happy.”

    • I will. I will give him lots o hugs!

  6. Imma need you to send that man to my house to fix my spice predicament. mkay thanks!

    • LOL! you live at the beach right? hmmmm….. πŸ™‚

  7. You did too create! You create an atmosphere of love in the kitchen that prompted your husband to desire to do something sweet for you!

    I call THAT a win-win πŸ™‚

    That man is a keeper!

    • I know… we love him we do we do!

  8. eek . Please do not use Hartz flea stuff. yucky. Has killed dogs. I am obsessed with more natural approaches to EVERYTHING with my puppy, including fleas. Neem Oil (can be bought at any health food // vitamin store) can be used, diluted or full strength. It not only kills fleas, but also ticks, head lice, and most garden variety bugs as well (it’s used for an all natural bug repellent in gardens, too). Not only does it kill them within an hour or so and repels them πŸ™‚

    check out forums for many other tips on anything ! I might be slightly obsessed…

    • no way?! I’m so glad you told me this – my dogs have been itching obsessively still… I’ll check it out. Thanks Alicia!

  9. Just realized the forums are hard to find — check them out here:

  10. My spice cabinet needs an extension or something. not everything fits in there right now, so i either need less spices, or a bigger spice cabinet. If only my husband was a fixit type

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