Posted by: JennyRain | August 31, 2010

Fender Denter, errr, maybe not?

Ever get hit in the parking lot and have nothing to show for it?

Yeah, me too.

Thursday night I was on my way to meet a friend to talk about a project that – Lord willing – will be something that changes the eternal destinies of a lot of hurting families. To say I was elated to participate on this project and honored to be chosen would be an understatement.

But this meeting was like trying to catch air – not apparently likely to happen!

Week one of attempting to meet – family stuff caused a reschedule. Week two of attempting to meet – our little uninvited visitors {the fleas} caused a reschedule. Week three was just chaotic madness around every turn that I could not escape.

The Thursday of the meeting I felt like a june-bug in a pressure cooker.

I got in my car and drove the 10 minutes to the meeting. But as I was pulling into the second level of the garage, a red Grand Am missed the turn for level three and began backing up.

And he continued… Backing.Up.

More…and more…

Until DANGIT if he did not run smack into my left front bumper!

{not a good start to a meeting}

Luckily I was short on sentence enhancers and by God’s grace – LARGE on grace – and the guy that hit me was a cool dude, so we exchanged info, he apologized, and I drove on.

When I got to my parking place, I looked down and there was a ginormous dent on my front bumper – the size of a big softball.

It looked like someone had punched my front bumper. All I could think about was the $1000 I was going to get charged by Toyota to get it popped back out, or the $1500 by a private car-repair shop. One stinkin dent – and the repair shops charge you the equivalent of a mortgage payment.


The dent looked like someone had punched the front left bumper in – like this (this is not my actual dent – just a replica – but it looked just like this):

I went into my meeting semi-non-plussed, and was determined to put the incident out of my mind.

Walking out of the meeting with my friend, I stepped up to my car to show her the dent and no lie

The dent was GONZO!

We were both so confused that we walked around the car thinking in my stress I might have gotten hit on another bumper. But nope…

The fender denter was GONE!

At that point I was kicking myself for not taking a proper picture of the “before” and the “after” – but who thinks of these things?!?

So yes, I do realize any myriad of events could have “logically” happened:

The dude could have come back and popped it out himself
The fender could have popped itself back into place

I know… I know

The point is not HOW the fender denter righted itself… the point is that it DID… and I got the message God was teaching my heart last week:

Stay the course. Stay obedient. Don’t worry about what your eyes see, keep your eyes focused on Me.

My friend leaned over and shared with me something she had heard in a movie that week

You see only with your eyes, that is why you are easily fooled

I immediately remembered my devotional reading for that week: John 20 this week where God says:

Then Jesus told him, “Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.”

I really felt like God was saying to me – just believe. Just have faith. I’ve got it under control. Stop worrying.

Well, my friend and I had a holy moment right there in the parking lot and we got our Praise on.

Ain’t God GOOD. Ain’t He just SO GOOD.

What miracles have happened in your life lately where God has reached down, intervened, and righted a wrong to show Himself mighty?


This post is part of Tuesday’s Unwrapped at Chatting at the Sky – because there is just too much beauty in last week for me not to share the love!

 tuesdays unwrapped at cats




  1. Jenny,
    What a great message, God works in wonderful ways in our lives on a daily basis. Your story shows God is ever present with you and constantly has your back, as he does with all of us followers of Christ.
    He intervenes with me on a daily basis to the point where I cannot think of any one miraculous deed he has performed with me, because there are so many.
    I will include your new project in my daily prayers for you and your family, that it will impact a great number for Christ. God Bless

  2. Well, He didn’t right a wrong but He did show up in a powerful way this weekend.

  3. I have been feeling pretty stressed about our finances over the past week. I trusted God as our provider, but it was a case of thinking He’d already helped us out so much & I shouldn’t expect more. Well, I was wrong. He’s totally provided for our needs & in ways I never could have forseen. 🙂

    So cool about your bumper! God is good!!

  4. I had ants in my pantry that I tried every google thing to get rid of. I was complaining about it to the Lord one morning and He said, “Why don’t you just use the authority I gave you?” (Gen 1:28) I opened the pantry door and told the ants to go outside – that they were not to live in my house … in Jesus name. The next day they were gone and they haven’t been back (6 weeks). Holy moment right there in my kitchen… and I got my praise on!!!

  5. I got hit in a parking lot last week, too. I saw her coming and laid on the horn to stop her, but she never realized what my horn was about until she hit me. I was so stressed about getting to class on time that I didn’t even get out to check the damage. Must have been minimal because I forgot the incident until I read your post!

  6. Oh me oh my. Our God is awesome God He reigns!!! 😉

    What an awesome testimony. I love that God works in the BIG “eternal destinies” and the LITTLE “gonzo dents” intricacies of our lives…

  7. I’ve had someone back into me before. My dent did not disappear on it’s own, let me just say. But I love this story, how seeing with our eyes keeps us from seeing sometimes. Great word, girl.

  8. Thats totally amazing and totally God 🙂
    oh the movie quote is from the Karatekid. I saw it this past week w/the kid I babysit 🙂

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