Posted by: JennyRain | August 30, 2010

Miracles in the Moment: A Tapestry of Grace

There are miracles that happen all around you – if you open your heart to see them.

This last week has been CRAZY-WILD for me.

I have had heart-breaking moments sitting with friends, we have been fighting fleas and now cockroaches infesting our house, and some run-into-the-wall experiences that have left me shell-shocked from the toes up.

Hence, the re-posts on my blog last week {thank you for your patience with me as I tended to life-beyond-the-blog}

Yet woven throughout the madness has been a loop-stitching of little miracles that when I glance over the masterpiece called “last week” I see a tapestry of Grace forming.

As I entered into my days last week battling discouragement, fear, and failure, God was stitching something beautiful behind the scenes.

It just took me until Thursday to realize what was happening.

So this week will be dedicated to the miracles of the moment that I experienced this last week.

Some of you may call these simple occurrences coincidence, chance, or just synchronicity. To me, they show the direct and loving hand of God reaching down and intercepting a moment that could have been ugly to make my tapestry of Grace beautiful, majestic, and unforgettable.

June Tree Wall Tapestry: Target

You have also given me the shield of Your salvation,
And Your help makes me great.
You enlarge my steps under me,
And my feet have not slipped. 2 Sam 22.36-37

Each day this week will be devoted to one miracle I have discovered in the moment:

Tuesday: Dent-be-gone: Seeing with our Faith, not our Eyes

Wednesday: Divine Callings: Staying the course to Burundi

Thursday: Miracle of Twos: Online comfort and Housing

Friday: Mr. Fix It: Organizing my world

My hope is that this series will open up your faith-vision to see the miracles in your own life occurring. Every day. Right in front of you.

I also hope that you will join in the discussion and share your own little miracles so that together we can walk into the realization that God in Christ is in us, working around us, and intervening in our lives to show His Presence when we least expect it.

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives. Gen 50.20




  1. I love it when we’re able to identify small miracles, and truly in our human minds they are small (but they are really big). On September 3rd, it would be four years since I started blogging, and He has carried me through. He has seasoned my speech with salt that I might impart His grace to anyone who reads, and I am truly very grateful that He’s used me for this very purpose for four years.

    • Yay! Four years is an accomplishment! Happy almost bloggiversary… this last week has been amazing. Love your gratefulness … it is contagious for me today in a wonderful way!

  2. Being able to see those small miracles requires being present in the moments we are in. I am trying hard to learn to be present; to not get so distracted that I miss the little things happening all around me. I look forward to reading your posts and perhaps this week I too can stay eyes wide open to the wonder happening all around me.

    • Hi friend! Yes, I was thinking about what you and I had talked about a while back about being present and the connection of being present and witnessing the miracles. Girlllll we are so on the same page about stuff… you are in my head! 🙂

  3. We have flying ants and termites- There is also something living in our wall- Possum or Lizard- not sure.. I think that in life we can get distracted by tragedy. The horrific moments that we or others and endure. It is easy to see when God shows up there. However, in the everyday of life we just get distracted by the moment by moment mundane. It is vital that God reminds us in the everyday that he lives there with us. He cares about it all.

    • Oh no! I take your flying ants and raise you fifty fleas! LOL – I can’t imagine a possum in my wall – eeeeghh..

      • Yep- we have had the fleas – and the roaches as well. They are NO FUN… I am with Jason I H A T E fleas… They are miserable. We actually keep a box of Borax in the house now for just such occasions…

  4. Oh, Jenny, thank you for helping us expect miracles of God’s grace! I’m eager to read your posts! Be of good cheer, friend….

  5. I hate fleas.

    H A T E them.

    • my husband is going nuts.

      Oh – it gets better. Now we have an invasion of roaches starting. Oye!

  6. I’m sorry you had such a rotten week, but am grateful for your eyes-wide-open-to-see attitude. You have a beautiful heart like that.

  7. Looking forward to this series!

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