Posted by: JennyRain | August 27, 2010

Grandma’s Letters From Africa: I’m Guest Posting!

I’m guest posting over at Grandma’s Letters from Africa today!

I was so honored two weeks ago to receive an email from Linda Thomas – writer of Grandma’s Letters from Africa. I have long enjoyed her stories of Africa and of family, and when she asked to use one of my posts about thankfulness, well, I was just thrilled!

If you haven’t read Grandma’s Letters from Africa then take a few minutes to poke around and read some of the memoirs… they are touching, poignant, and will give you such a beautiful feel of this place called Africa that I love so much.

So run on over there and see my post… and then stay awhile and get to know Linda, she is a peach!

Finding a Heart of Thanks

“Do you want to see my secret for being thankful all of the time?” said my friend Yuksel…

Click here for more…



  1. I commented on the other site. Thank you friend.

  2. Hi Jenny!
    I am a good friend of Linda’s, so I popped over to peruse and got stuck. =) Love your theme of finding the Rainmaker! I just read through post after post linked to your Jennywho page and though my stories are different, can relate to lots of what you write. What a wonderful story of redemption your life is! A living testimony to God’s goodness. You have succeeded at transparency much more than I have, and you give much glory to God in the process! Yay for boasting in weakness! =) Hugs from Congo

    • Welcome Congo friend! I have a bunch of pictures of the Congo from when I was in Burundi because you could see it across Lake Tanginyika! How cool 🙂

      Yes, God is soooo good and has been the ultimate Rainmaker in my life 🙂

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