Posted by: JennyRain | August 19, 2010

YOU:create – RE:creating Africa

Thursday’s are fast becoming my favorite day because of one thing…

YOU: create Thursday!

Each Thursday my dear bloggy-blog friend Gitz (aka Sara), who I absolutely adore, allows all of her readers to share their byte-size creativity.

Gitz is one of the most creative, inspirational people I know, so for her to share her palatte with us aspiring-artists-to-be is absolutely delicious to me!

So, in honor of Gitz’s YOU:create, I:created!

This is a video of Africa that I created from our Burundi trip. It’s about 10 minutes, but it really gives a great synopsis and feel for our trip.




  1. Jenny, I LOVE your video! It transported me back to Africa. I loved seeing those dear faces, and your music, and the dancing during worship songs, and — all of it! Thanks for sharing.

    • Thanks Linda! So missing it…

  2. love it!!! definitely makes me miss africa 🙂

  3. Wow! Great job!!

  4. 1. I wanna scoop all those babies up.
    2. My heart sings that these people want to know God.
    3. You look great in yellow.
    4. Such a fun video.

    • Thank you sweet friend… next time to Africa – me and you?

  5. Wow! Great job… I love the video… what a neat experience.

  6. Thank you for doing what you do. For going on these trips. For capturing these amazing images.

    And for putting this together so people like me can live vicariously through you and your experiences… so AMAZING, friend.

    • of course! There’s more where that came from girlie-girl 🙂 already canoodling what I’ll do next week!

  7. That was awesome. What a wonderful, wonderful trip.

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