Posted by: JennyRain | August 18, 2010

A Canopy of Grace

This drove me into work on Tuesday.

I almost missed it because I was too busy getting to work on time.

My eyes bored razor-sharp pinholes in the line of cars unrolling their way toward the mundane of the daily and the dripping of the clock.

They were in my way, those obsequious cars.

Of course they were…

God placed them there to slow me down so that I would embrace the moment and savor the morning sky.

So my soul-space would freeze-frame His warm light streaming from the heavens.

I would need this mental painting as I catapulted into my day.

The reminder that God is our Canopy of Grace when things become mottled. See how My light wraps itself around your path?

The memory of the warm embrace of the Son’s light upon my shoulders. Wherever you go, I have already surrounded you with my Canopy of Grace.

The cars were in the way to slow my pace so that I could see the Holy Beautiful before me.

Once I slowed my eyes and embraced what was before me, I could slow my mind.

“This week is about Presence… His and mine” I reminded myself, “Be here. Now.”

Stillness entered my soul as I gazed into the sunlight.

<<Has your blog become your god?>>

A million thoughts splintered in my brain at once from that singularity:

Am I spending this week embracing moments with God, or thinking about what I’m going to write about God this week?
Am I more concerned with the topic of today’s blog or fully embracing a Holy Moment if it happens?
Am I looking for God’s Presence to enter into, or an experience of His Presence that I can write about?
Do I spend more time thinking about God on my way to work or thinking about my blog?

Oh the answers. I did not like them.

I was seeking the happy sunshine, but God illumined the path.

I see… I see God… I see…

Then bursting forth in glorious Day
Up from the grave He rose again

And as He stands in victory
Sin’s curse has lost its grip on me
For I am His and He is mine
Bought with the precious blood of Christ

holy experience



  1. A great word, jenny… I have to ask myself those kinds of questions too … about work, about ministry, about everything (not about my blog because I already have trouble keeping up with that :)… It’s amazing how many distractions – even good ones – come in to take our eyes off of spending amazing holy moments with the One who loves us.

    • So true… especially in Northern VA … oye!

  2. great questions! I’m glad those pesky cars got in the way for you to have the moment 🙂
    For me, I love when my blog becomes the reminder through which I process and see how God shows up rather than looking for moments just for the blog…definitely need to keep it in check though!

    • I know… I think about the tension a lot… like a lot of the time, writing and creating are a discipline that helps me to actually see God when I’m having trouble finding Him… other times, I get my priorities outta wack…

  3. Love those pics.

  4. ohhh those are big questions… I am sure God gave you some beautiful answers!!

  5. That is indeed very thought provoking, Majority of the people I know would get really upset but you have really changed the way at looking at things positively that makes life even more beautiful

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