Posted by: JennyRain | August 16, 2010

The Ministry of the Moment

My heart is expectant today for God to do something great! My prayer is that I am present in each moment of today so that I do not miss it – Makeda

Early Sunday morning my friend Makeda tweeted that prayer.

Makeda’s prayer comes on the heels of three conversations I’ve had in the last two days about being “in the moment.”

Being “in the moment” has been an integral part of my healing process over the last five years. Some days I succeed and other days I fail miserably.

There is a beautiful ministry that happens in our hearts when we choose to embrace each minute as it reveals itself.

When I stretch back the sixty-second rhythms of my day and take a deep look, I am becoming aware that God has shown up in ordinary, yet miraculous ways.

The problem is not God being present in my life, it is rather me rushing through His essence like a freight train en route to my next sixty-second interval of living.

What is it in that next minute that encourages us to sacrifice the beauty of second fifty-nine? or fifty-eight?

Why am I so pressed to hurry along to minute fourteen of my day that I abandon minute thirteen and the beauty it contains?

I am guilty of leaving my minutes behind.

Ignoring them.
Abandoning them.
Compressing them into hurried adverbs of usefulness instead of expanding them into majestic adjectives of praise.

When I look back at the end of each day, there are many seconds I have crumpled up and thrown away like discarded junk-mail.

What will it take for me to fully embrace each moment?

In less than thirty days I will be forty.


That’s 350,632.511 hours, or 21,024,000 minutes, or 1,262,304,000 seconds of living.

Forty years of escaped minutes and by-passed seconds.

Forty years of living in the margin avoiding red-letter conversations that invite the Divine Essence to step into my reality.

So this week I have decided to…

I will unfold the second-hand of my life from its furious race to the next and live life embracing the minutes. I will look for my Savior from inside the conversation rather than seated on the margin as an observer.

Each day this week I will walk, journal in hand, into my minutes… waiting, looking, observing, hoping to sense His Presence in each second. Rather than force God into my day, I will stand ready in the moment and embrace that second where He chooses to show up.

At the end of each day, I will share what I have received from a moment of my day.

It may be paragraphs.
It may be a word.
It may be nothing… that’s ok.

Because as I step forward into the minutes that encompass this second-half of my life here on earth, I want to do so in an awareness of the everlasting Presence of my Savior.

And so my practice of embracing the moment starts today…

My times are in Your hand…Psalm 31:15




  1. As you round the corner towards 40 there is just something that makes you know one more moment cannot be waisted. Along these same lines I was struck lately with a reality I have been chewing on. When we enter a moment whether good or bad, God is already there. When the storms hit, he was already in the boat. Not only that, He is the one that told us there is work to do on the other side- so he wants to take us through it. Each moment he has in His hands and longs to surround us with himself in it. OK- so I know that was the point of the post and I should have just said- “Nice post it was written just right.”

    • Leneita – no I’m SO glad you posted that…

      “When we enter a moment whether good or bad, God is already there.”

      Sometimes just hearing other readers say something in a little different way helps open up this kernel of truth for me and see God in it. You just did that 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Waiting, listening, being still, looking for him is counter-culture. It’s even counter-culture to most Christians. It’s just a counter-people thing. Everyone and everything else says, “keep up!” But for what? For who? it’s exhausting.

    i have been so arrogant to think that I have anything to offer apart from him. I have filled myself with his information and ran with it. I control the administration of him, and there is no life in that. God waits patiently for my to realize and feel failure. he is waiting right where I left off with him. Patient. He waits for me. So why can’t i wait for him?

    • So well said Tracee… and I feel like especially up here in this rat-race of a city, we confuse “God’s calling” with “society’s expectations” when goal setting, seeking after the “next best God thing”… I am learning just because it happens in a church doesn’t mean its of God and most often the loudest voice is NOT Him.

      Ashleigh reposted a past post on her blog last week that I read yesterday and it SO ministered to me… reminded me of the importance of being still… – it really ministered to me. A lot.

  3. Your post nearly walks hand-in-hand with mine today. Learning to wait well as God leads me/Shawn & I on this road I’ve explicitly shared with you that I’m weary of. I need to realize that this road, these moments walking it with Him and Shawn are vital and good for me.

    • I know friend… it seems like EVERY where I am reading this last few days has been about “the moment” or “waiting” or “enjoying the present” – seriously – either I am clueless or God realllllly wants me to hear something 🙂

      • Me too. Me too.

  4. I may be morbid, but I always feel it’s so important to reflect on life and the time we have. I think milestones like birthdays go from excitement as a child to either dread as an adult or exactly what you have written above. Reflection and contemplation.

    Well done and happy almost birthday!

    • so true friend… so true 🙂 I learn a lot from watching how you approach your days btw… you have inspired me on more than one occasion to embrace the moments 🙂

  5. What a completely beautiful way to enter forty. Aware. Intentional. Expectant.

    I’m in a space where I have so many minutes in isolation that I’m wishing them to tick by… I feel the opposite of most who desire life to slow down so they can be present… I’m finding myself longing for something other than the slowness to fill them and distract me. But intention is intention whether noisy or quiet. Thanks for the reminder.

    • I hear ya sweet friend. When I lived in rural GA, it felt like time dragged on forEVER. I just wanted it to rush by but there it stood, defiantly, staring me in the face, taunting me that it would be there forever. Time and I were enemies… I escaped the length of it by spending so much time looking forward.

      When I watch what you do with your minutes, your seconds, your days… I continually inspires me. You are one of the most intentional women I know… intentional about investment, intentional about remembering and cherishing… i love that about you sweet Gitz 🙂

  6. […] this week, I am surrendering to the moment. To not planning. To being ready to receive what God might have for me in the moment, or what I may […]

  7. i struggle with the moment, even though I’ve tasted of it’s beauty. I have been in the moment, the quiet hour of just waiting to hear from Him…and what a refreshing time it was…I was refueled in ways I can’t really even explain…

    but I forget. I forget the simplicity of days and the need to quiet ourselves before Him so His voice doesn’t pass me by…

    I don’t want to hear His voice of yesterday echoing in the distance, I want to feel the tickle of His whisper up close to my ears…

    p.s. Thanks for your encouraging words on my “fault line”…I’m giddy blessed by you, sister friend!

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  10. Glad to see you featured on our home page. 🙂

    Embracing the moments is a beautiful way to live. I wish you the best as you slow into life.

    • So excited and honored… thank you 🙂 I am so inspired by all the writers at HCB… HCB is like my daily dose of peace and joy… so enjoy the community there!

  11. “There is a beautiful ministry that happens in our hearts when we choose to embrace each minute as it reveals itself” . . so inviting.

    “I will unfold the second-hand of my life” . . I’m resolved with you. Thank you. This was inspiring!

  12. Great thoughts…time is a precious currency for sure.

    “When I look back at the end of each day, there are many seconds I have crumpled up and thrown away like discarded junk-mail.”

    Yes, I pray we all avoid those moments and take advantage of the time God has given us.


    • me too… when I get in a hurry… I am so careless with my minutes and days. 🙂

  13. When I was 39 my mom said, “We used to say that life begins at 40.” She smiled.
    “Mom, is that because you have your job and your kids and your house and you know what your life’s about?” I asked.
    “I think we better go with 45,” I countered!

    She died the year I was 40. Now I’ll be turning 45 this December, and have come a hard road but in a way, am ready for life to begin at 45! Walking in step with the spirit, remembering the most important thing is God’s love to be received and shared.

    • Beth – this is beautiful… thank you…

  14. Jenny, I also need to see and remind myself of this every day. It’s so counter to us Americans, to live in the moment. To relax. To see spiritual meaning in the mundane moments. But it is absolutely the way to fulfillment and joy. I started the practice of meditation a couple years ago, and believe me – there is nothing more difficult than doing nothing for a half hour and opening yourself up to pure spiritual experience. Even when you feel nothing, it is the act of slowing down and just noticing. Just seeing and paying attention to what’s around you.

    You write beautifully, and look forward to hearing more from you!

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