Posted by: JennyRain | August 4, 2010

Man Week @ the Rain: David Goodwin

Welcome back to “Man Week” at the Rain!

I have invited nine of my favorite guys to guest blog for the next two weeks. The topic I gave each of the men to blog or vlog about was:

“The stripping process of God” or “Living unmasked”

Today’s guest is David Goodwin.

To say I admire David would be an understatement. He has a humility of heart and a giving spirit that has been transformative in the lives of those around him. I have been tremendously impacted by David and his wife Diane in just the short time I have watched them pour into friends, encourage others, and walk this passion-first journey with God that they are on.

David’s sharing is in the form of a video where he answers each of the questions I have given the guys. Can’t wait to share it with you!

Photograph from Joshua White’s “Beloved” photo session.

David’s Blog:

David’s Twitter: @dg4G




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  2. Love you, Mr Goodwin!

    • Love you too, Mrs Goodwin!

  3. David,

    Thank you for your transparency. The sexual sins are always difficult to talk about in Christian arenas, though they are incredibly prevalent. The overwhelming shame we feel drives us into the shadows of secrecy.

    It’s difficult for men to confess sexual sin in the church because of that shame. Sadly, there is another level of shame attached to homosexuality.

    I don’t know why – sexual immorality is sexual immorality. God wasn’t cutting me a break because my sin was with women – It’s a twisted broken world in which we live, my friend.

    I’m honored to know you and applaud your courage today. If you think it’s possible that you misheard God and we was really saying Northern Alabama – we’d love to have you!

    • Thanks so much for your suppost & encouragement Tal; it’s definitely an honour to be part of this amazing series of posts Jenny has put together. You’re so right that sexual immorality is sexual immorality, so how satan has the church convinced homosexuality is somehow different to any other version is further testament to our fallibility.

      And I’ll let you know about Northern Alabama 😉 We know God’s a long way from done with us, including where we live!

  4. Fantastic. So honest. So transparent. Great job, man.

    • Thanks so much Jason. I need to get better at talking about it, but we all start somewhere right!

  5. So, I can’t watch this on my iPad, but here’s how much I love David. I know that whatever he said is transparent and honest and full of truth.

    It’s great having friends you can believe in even when you can’t hear what they say 🙂

    • Sara, thank you SO much – and the dreaded Flash strikes again with the video huh. And I think your closing statement is profound truth – “It’s great having friends you can believe in even when you can’t hear what they say”.

      But I should be used to that, everything you say has profound truth.

    • I can’t see it either (boo hiss) So I’ll just agree with you 🙂

      • Never mind!! There it is 🙂

  6. Watching this and hearing your testimony reminds me, affirms for me even more the power of transformation and sanctification and grace and forgiveness our God has.

    While He saved you from a life of homosexuality, He’s saved me from other sins that in His eyes are just as wrong. His love and grace for us astounds me even after 18 1/2 years of being a Christian.

    I also loved how you talked about incidental transformations. I’ve been going through those the last few years. It’s a long road, but one I’m glad He’s taking me down it.

    • Thanks Prudence. He’s certainly shown grace to each of us who’ve decided to walk life with Him as Lord, and I love that He still astounds us. I never want to become jaded by what He’s done and keeps on doing.

  7. This was powerful, David. Thank you so much for your heart and boldness to share your story.

    • Thanks Grant. I’m praying that boldness increases, the encouragement is great.

      And looking forward to your post!

  8. David, I loved this! I heard about reliance and surrender. Total surrender. That is so difficult! It shouldn’t be, but, as humans we tend to not like giving up control of our own lives! Total trust in God. Humans let me down. God never does.

    What makes one sin more than another? The human factor makes it that way! So many sins are “taboo” and that just drives the sinner away. Thinking they can never be rescued with God’s grace & love. It is not my job to judge. Ever.

    Learning your “secret” before meeting you did not change my view of you & who you are. It was just affirmation of God’s grace. My active addiction was kind of the same. People just act differently when finding out some of our secrets. Where is their compassion? Where is their love? Where is their understanding? God covers all of that and so should we!

    You spoke of when you started sharing about your past sexuality. One thing I hear over & over again in meetings is “we are only as sick as our secrets”. Again, with that surrender thing! We must give it all to God. And not keep taking it back like some kind of security blanket. Yuck!

    Once God strips us of our comforts we must rely totally on Him. Like your shedding yourselves of everything you & Diane collected while living in Australia. It was kind of fun watching the tweets while you were doing that!

    And lastly. Patience. In what God has in store for you & Diane. Not being able to quite see around that curve in the road. But, knowing He is there just around that curve to reveal the next challenge, makes it ok to make your way around it.

    Love you guys & can hardly wait to meet again. P.S. Love the t-shirt! Alece would be proud!

  9. Thanks so much Shellie. You sure know this whole process is not easy, but I’d not choose the alternative anymore.

    It was so great to spend a few hours with you, all unmasked, just enjoying the amazing community social media has built around our lives.

    Sure hope the next meeting is soon. (that word of indeterminate meaning rears it’s head again – haha)

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