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Man Week @ the Rain: Justin Davis

Welcome back to “Man Week” at the Rain!

I have invited nine of my favorite guys to guest blog for the next two weeks. The topic I gave each of the men to blog or vlog about was:

“The stripping process of God” or “Living unmasked”

Today’s guest is Justin Davis. You  might remember Justin and his wife Trisha from the Relationship series week. If so, you remember that Justin and Trisha are John’s and my skype-marriage mentors (how cool is technology). Justin’s story is truly Grace personified as God has done a heart-level transformative de-masking that has revolutionized the marriage he and Trisha are now in.

And the cool thing? Justin is SO open and honest about it and seeks to use his story to make a kingdom impact on other families lives who are suffering deep brokenness.

Justin’s blog:

Justin’s Twitter: @justindavis33

The last 2 months in the city of Nashville have been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced.

I have gone from being the most non-construction, least mechanical man alive, to a deconstruction, mold eradicating, drywall and carpet ripping pro. When the flood of 2010 hit, we had 110 of the 220 homes in our neighborhood that were 5 ft. under water. We have served 17 homes in our neighborhood; carrying out their furniture, taking out their carpet, tearing out their drywall, insulation, baseboards, door frames, windowsills, fireplace mantles, appliances and kitchen cabinets.

It has been overwhelming to see most of the things that make a house a home for our neighbors piled up in their front yards. I wish I hadn’t had to learn so much about flood recovery. It has just been in the past few weeks that reconstruction has begun.

A few days after the flood, I received word that one of my neighbors wasn’t going to remove their drywall or wood flooring and was going to save their bathtubs and their furniture. They thought they were safe just removing carpet. They took their baseboards out, poked some holes in their dry wall, removed their carpet, and moved their dried out furniture back into their house. Their wet clothes still hung in their closets.

I began to explain to them the danger that they were in.

They didn’t believe me at first. They couldn’t see any mold. Their drywall looked fine above the line where it had flooded.

They were going to treat what was visible and move on with their life.

I put my hammer into their wall and pulled away the drywall.

I pulled out a soaking piece of insulation that had already begun to grow mold. I told them that it wasn’t what they could see that was dangerous; it was what lied beneath the surface that could be deadly. I told them that they had to be committed to doing whatever was necessary to remove any hint of mold in their house; otherwise they would be in trouble.

There have been times in my life where I have settled for treating only what is visible.

There have been deadly sin patterns or hazardous heart conditions that weren’t visible to others, but I knew existed. I didn’t believe it would be all that dangerous. I treated that which was most obvious and hoped that which lied beneath would just go away. It destroyed my life, my marriage and my relationship with God.

  • Maybe you are there right now…you pretend like everything is fine…but it’s not:
  • There’s no visible sign of sexual sin, but in your heart you have lustful thoughts for a co-worker.
  • There’s no visible sign of an anger problem, but in your heart you have bitterness toward a family member.
  • There’s no visible envy in your life, but in your heart you are so jealous of the life your sister has; or the wife your brother has; or the job your friend has.
  • There are no visible forgiveness issues, but in you heart you resent your husband.
  • There are no visible problems in your marriage, but in your heart you have left your spouse a thousand times.

The times in my life that I have felt the farthest from God and have compromised my values the most, are the times that I knew something lied beneath the surface and wasn’t committed to tear away all of the junk around my heart and get to the place where restoration could begin.

Have you tried to find restoration without being committed to deconstruction?




  1. Wow! Powerful post, Justin!

    I love the last line…

    “Have you tried to find restoration without being committed to deconstruction?”

    Human nature wants to find a quick fix which basically deals with the “fruit sins” and not the root issues. The problem with deconstruction is that it is painful and gut-wrenching. None of us want to honestly see ourselves as we really are.

    Until we go through this painful process, wrestle honestly with God, and come out limping on the other side, our understanding of the Gospel will only be at a surface level.

    Grace is only amazing when we see ourselves as we really are…sinners in desperate need of a Savior.

    Thanks, Justin, for your openness and honesty. Grace looks good on you, brother!

    • Thanks so much! All credit goes to God and His redemptive power. I’m so grateful!

  2. Another home run from JD. I can’t believe God lets me sit under this guy’s teaching at Cross Point.

  3. Great post Justin. I can’t wait to chat with you and Trisha again soon.

    • I know Brian…it’s been too long! I hope we can set aside some time and chat!

  4. This is good…
    So often we slap the hands of those who sin when we need to realize that it is just the symptom of something deeper.
    The parallel you used is fantastic. I love it!

    • Thanks so much Manda…we are great at treating symptoms!

  5. Thanks Jason!

  6. Absolutely. As a pharmacist with a drug problem, I felt above it all. That I was hiding it well. WRONG! I can look back NOW and see the times I slurred words. Drove impaired. Made decisions impaired. Promised myself that my months worth of meds would last a month.

    I wasn’t as stealthly as I thought. Got caught. Lost my job. Twice. Went before Board. Chose treatment. Did 90 in 90 12-step meetings. Some 3 years later I am still going strong. Not working yet, but I am in process of transferring my license (we recently moved).

    Addiction brought me back to God. And God gave me life. He never left me. He sure isn’t giving up now! He has given me purpose. And strength. And provided for me in more ways than I could ever thank Him. It is who I am now. In recovery. Taking my story & message to the newcomer.

    • Thanks so much for sharing so honestly!

  7. So many times we can hide our sin, but it completely wrecks us. It leaves us moldy, stinky, and in utter ruin.

    I’ve been praying over the last few weeks that God would reveal sin in my life. It is amazing the mold that lies within. Thankfully I have an awesome re-constructor and re-modeler.

  8. What a great prayer!

  9. Justin – this post is insane! Such a great illustration…

    This one needs to be shared everywhere!

    • Tal…thank you so much. I loved your post as well! We need to formally talk some time. Love your heart!

  10. […] July 30, 2010 by Brian Clayville I have had the good fortune of being asked to guest post for Jenny Rain.  Please support her and check out the other great men that have contributed this week to her “man week series”.  […]

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