Posted by: JennyRain | July 27, 2010

Man Week @ The Rain: Tal Prince

Welcome back to “Man Week” at the Rain!

I have invited nine of my favorite guys to guest blog for the next two weeks. The topic I gave each of the men to blog or vlog about was:

“The stripping process of God” or “Living unmasked”

Today’s guest is Tal Prince. I have gotten to know Tal through another blogger friend Traylor. Both men speak frequently on the dangers of sexual addiction and brokenness and have dedicated their lives to placing Christ in the center of the recovery process and their lives.

Tal’s willingness to be transparent in his healing process is so evident as he shares his story below. If you or someone you know is struggling with sexual addiction and brokenness, I encourage you to share this video and take a minute to look at Tal and Traylor’s Route1520 ministry.

Tal’s Blog: Tal Prince Live

Tal’s Twitter: @TalPrince

You’ve heard the phrase.

People have used it to manipulate you since you were a kid, right? You know the one – “Honesty is the best policy.” It’s really close to impossible to say it without a smug voice isn’t it? The reason for that, is that typically people mean that it’s best for you to be honest while they remain safely behind their mask.

I never believed I could be honest and be accepted. Do you?

Through God’s process of forging me more and more into the image of Christ, I have learned that, though annoying, the cliche is true. We don’t like it because it is hard. We don’t like it because if lived, it threatens our carefully crafted image. We don’t like it because it is frightening, and we don’t live it because we don’t believe the Gospel.

I lived a lie for 24 years – this is my story.

Porn taught me a great deal about naked.

Now, I have to rethink naked – and so do you. In the garden of Eden, they were naked and unashamed. They had genuine intimacy – not sex – intimacy. They could stand naked before each other and God and not worry. They could live naked and fearless. Naked and unashamed.

Wouldn’t that be great? Wouldn’t you love to know that everyone could know all of your deepest darkest secrets and they would love you anyway? This is the power of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We do not have to hide – our sin is paid for. We no longer have to fear what anyone thinks about us. Are you afraid that your friends would leave you if they knew your secrets? Then you don’t have the joy of living in the real power of the gospel.

That’s why we are launching a movement across the nation – Rethink Naked. Do you want to experience the full power of the gospel? Join us at

Tal Prince is the pastor of Tapestry of Hope, Executive Director of Route 1520, and host of Tal Prince Live on Sirius Satellite Radio Channel 161 on Sunday nights at 9 EST.


From Jenny: Hey guys – got any girl-related questions? Pop on over to my friend Joy’s blog and ask that question about us women that has confused you for decades. I guarantee you, Joy will give you a great answer!! You can access Joy’s blog here.




  1. Wow, Tal. Could you set the bar for this series any higher? 😉

    • Just trying to get on base, brother. You guys will bring it home –

      May God bring glory to himself, and not to any of us –

      I’m looking forward to the reading all of the stories!

  2. “We do not have to hide – our sin is paid for. We no longer have to fear what anyone thinks about us.”

    great post.

    • Thanks so much for the encouragement Patricia! We appreciate it more than you know!

      • im glad you share this. as a single mom raising a 10 year old boy… i always pray that God would keep a sense of purity and innocence on my son. there are so many things out there that are vying to rob his innocence. thank you for sharing that…it helps as a parent to continuously be on guard in the spirit to fight for my son’s heart.

  3. Patricia – stick with us at and Route 1520. We will be posting resources and helping parents protect their children from what we call, the Porn Spill.

    Biggest piece of advice for when, not if, it happens is DO NOT FREAK OUT.

    If you can have a talk about it like you talk about taking out the garbage, that would be awesome. Easier said than done, I know, but it is key to success.

    We’re here to help!

  4. Powerful story–that gives so much hope to many. My heart breaks for the patterns that are fostered at a young age out of pain.

    • Thanks Joy – it’s everywhere. We just have to start talking about it.

      If we can help, please let us know!

      Don’t miss Traylor Lovvorn’s contribution to this great series!

  5. I love the video, Tal. Hope you’re doing well. 🙂

    • Thanks, Nicole! We’re doing great – God is moving us forward, and that is exciting!

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