Posted by: JennyRain | July 16, 2010

Friday Favorites: Round 11

Welcome to Round 11 of the Friday Favorites!

As y’all know, each Friday I choose three of my favorite OPB’s (Other People’s blogs) from the week and share them. This week God has been ministering to me abundantly through the gift of meditating on His goodness and grace and He has used several blogs to encourage that meditative focus. So thankful for this community of bloggers whose hearts long to know God in a more intimate, personal way.

Hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the Friday Follow!

1 – Mary: In the Word and In Prayer: Mary Hess: Love me some morning Mary sunshine! I have read Mary regularly over the last several months as she has shared a new phase of her journey with God, with her career, and her family. Mary has – on more than one occasion – wrapped words around what my heart is feeling but I just cannot figure out. I so appreciate Mary’s authentic journey. This post in particular grabbed me because it is such a passionate reflection of her heart for Christ.


2 – Shelia: You Belong Here: Shelia Walsh: I have been a huge fan of Shelia’s since my first Women of Faith conference ten years ago. Not only is she an amazing speaker, writer, and singer, God has used her words countless times to break down my walls of stubborn pride and fear to risk taking just one step closer to God’s heart. Her passion for Christ is contagious and her walk is an authentic reflection of living intentionally. I have just discovered her blog this last week and I am so excited! This post reminds me that God has designed us for belonging.


3 – Leneita: God Speaks: Inner City Observations: Leneita is a brand-new blogger I have discovered in the last couple of weeks who ministered to me in an incredible way through a simple comment she wrote on a fellow bloggers post. It kind of rocked my world to be honest. Well, she discovered my blog after the comment I left her, then I discovered her blog, and her words and writing have continued to minister to me. She and her husband work in inner city ministry and her writing is a reflection of their journey together.

So who else do I read?

This is the list… to date… but I LOVE learning about new blogs, so if you know about cool blogs (or have one yourself) give me a shout out in the comments – I’ll add you to my list!

An Idol Heart (Grant)
Annie Blogs (Annie)
Best Days of My Life (Sarah)
Big Toe People (Kris)
Bring the Rain (Alicia)
Blessed Dad (Jim)
Chad Markley (Chad)
Come & See (Tracee)
David Goodwin (David)
Dirty Girls Ministries (Crystal & Sarah)
Emerson and Sarah (Emerson and Sarah)
Everything Happens for a Reason (Tonya)
Fearless Flying (Bailey)
Find me…The Real me (Heidi)
Flowerdust (Anne)
GitzenGirl (Sara)
Giving up on Perfect (Mary)
Grit and Glory (Alece)
The Gypsy Mama (Lisa-Jo)
Heart-and-Home (Ashleigh)
Holy Handmaiden (Courtnee)
(In)Courage (Team blog)
Inner City Observations (Leneita)
In The Name of Love (Bianca)
InProgress (Tam)
Jenni Clayville (Jenni)
JJJourney (Sarah Rachel)
Jonathan Pearson (Jonathan)
Joshua R White (photos) (Joshua)
Just Sayin (Lindsey) (Josh)
Leading and Loving It (Team blog)
Leading in Shades of Gray (Jenni)
Living Dilbert
Love and Respect NOW (Joy)
Love is an Orientation (Andrew)
Love Wins (Elora)
Lysa TerKeurst (Lysa)
Madabella (Melissa)
Mandy Thompson (Mandy)
Mary Jo Hess (Mary Jo)
Mauldin Family Diaries (Candice)
Melissa Brotherton (Melissa)
My Cup Overflows (Patricia)
My Heart Resonates with a Glorious Sound (Jessica)
My Living Canvas (AnnieLaurie)
Nicole Wick (Nicole)
People of the Second Chance (Mike & Jud)
Pre Middle Age (Cole)
Prudy Chick (Prudence)
Rachel Olsen (Rachel)
Ryan Spilhaus (Ryan)
Ragamuffin Soul (Carlos)
Rainbow Gulf of Love (Gladwell)
Refine Us (Trisha and Justin)
(RE)made (Adam)
Reflections of a Ragamuffin (Traylor)
Robyn W. Buxton (Robyn)
Run-a-Muck (Amber)
Sarah Markley (Sarah)
Shaun Groves (Shaun)
Shelia Walsh (Shelia)
Sheryl O’Bryan (Sheryl)
Spin-the-Axis (Jason)
Spur (Kristie)
Stuff Christians Like (Jonathan)
Taza and Husband (Kingsley the bulldog)
Ten things about Kelli (Kelli)
There is a time under heaven (Manda) (Tim)
Treasures of My Heart (Melissa)
T. Suzanne Eller (Suzie)
Thoreau-Bred Baby (Kelli)
Tom Davis (Tom)
What Matters Most (Melanie)
Walter the Pug (Walter)
What’s up with the Werts? (Amy)
Whittaker Woman (Heather)
Without Wax (Pete)




  1. I love this idea- little summaries of favorite blogs…I’m off to check them out!

    • they are amazing! they inspire me everyday!

  2. Thank you!! I am loving you over here as well!! You help me chew through the deep things of my faith and I am loving every minute of it. You are awesome!!

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