Posted by: JennyRain | July 9, 2010

Connect Me: Living in a World Without Touch

I like, need, crave connection with people.

It is like air to my lungs, and food to my tummy.

To connect with others, to really connect, engage, and enter into another’s existence and allow them to peek through the doorway of your soul…that is to really live.

This week I have had some questions.

About me.
About life.
About God.

Questions that prodded me from sun-up to sun-down with insistent fingers grabbing at the hem of my skirt at the most inconvenient times, and butting into my day like sunshine streaming through the window of a car on a hundred-degree day.

One night this week I mentioned to John that I had “had a bad day.”

He heard me.

He inquired of me the meaning of that statement until I folded into my voice and told him what I was feeling and thinking.

I talked. He listened. He supported.

We connected.

I felt heard, protected, and supported. My heart was touched…

The problems had not evaporated, but I had peace.

A day later my friend Carla picked me up from the airport in Atlanta and hugs gave way to giggles gave way to two-hours of non-stop heart connection.

I talked. Carla listened.

Carla talked.  I listened.

We connected.

Connection is like air to me, I can’t breathe without it.

Connection with other humans reminds me that I exist.
Connection with people shows me that others are witnessing my life.
Connection with friends and family reminds me that I am tethered to this world but a child of God.

Connection is God’s masterpiece of creation. It is His fingers reaching down from heaven to warm our shoulders, comfort our hearts, and remind us that we are beloved…it is a touch from heaven to earth.

Living without connection is like living in a world without touch.

Genesis 2:18… The LORD God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

Connection is God’s design for our existence.





  1. Oh Jenny girl you have connected with me! Yes, connection is vital in God’s plan for us. We were made for Him and for each other… as carriers and releasers of life’s real energy – Love. Crazy about what you said here. You knocked it out of the park! I know when everything is finally reconciled back to the original state, CONNECTION will be the banner over it all!

    • I.LOVE.THIS!!!!!

      Connection the banner over it all…. that so resonates with me Colleen 🙂

      • The banner over it all is … love. I’m convinced.

  2. You’re subjects are amazing… I too crave this! Great post Jenny!

    • totally a God thing this week… it just kinda came pouring out… it was cathartic… God is SO good!

  3. Another great post…you just keep getting stronger and stronger in your writing.

    • eeee! that’s a huge compliment from you Jason – thank you 🙂

  4. This is beautiful…and I can relate to needing that connection. Although I have only a few close girfriends, those connections run deep. In this day and age when social media abounds, a good lunch, coffee date or quick phone call in the line at the store is what fulfills me to the brim.

    • I’m so learning that… trying to keep that balance… I value my social media friends so much… I want to remember to value the ones here in the flesh too 🙂

  5. i am so thankful for the connections and community i have. after months of having that constantly, i’m really missing it right now…

    • we are still here friend… just a skype call away 🙂 love you…

  6. So- I was just sitting down to write on my blog. About this very subject. Of course- the very thing that I wanted to say is that I feel disconnected right now. I feel like I keep calling and crying for connection and it keeps eluding me. I need it- I crave it and I just feel like it melts constantly through my finger tips… Thanks for sharing…

    • Me tooooo…. until this weekend… I was so just out of it… this weekend of connection has already been so good for my heart… will pray for connected times for you too 🙂

      • Thanks so much!! I just posted my depressing post about my lack of connection 🙂 I think that sometimes just writing about it makes you feel better… That and sitting around with my husband dreaming about life and ministry…

  7. Great post…Do you foresee us lacking connection as technology increases or will the form connecting takes just look different?

    Hope your allergies are clearing up? (that knowledge is via twitter-stalk.)

    • Allergies are getting more bettah friend 🙂

      I don’t know… it’s like the pen pals from years ago, except electronic… I think it is a different type of connection, but I’m still trying to figure that out 🙂

  8. I love this post! I am the same way. This reminds me about CS Lewis’s philosophy of ‘shared experience’…where a sunset is more beautiful when shared with another and a ‘moment’ is deeper and is retained in the memory/heart longer when shared. Likewise a relationship is strengthened with shared experiences.

  9. We’ve talked about this. The connection that so many of us have made online. In someways I have more connection in the interwebs than I do in real life.

    We are designed to be in community. To have connection. We’ve marred that up so much.

    • Oh so true Pru… I’m so glad you are a part of my connection circle 🙂 big hugs

  10. Nathan, I agree! The banner over all connection is love. Think about this. When we’re not loving… we’re withdrawing or withholding. Connection is love proof!

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