Posted by: JennyRain | June 29, 2010

What’s Love Got to do with it? Joy Eggerichs

Welcome back to our series on relationships this week at the Rain!

Our first blogger, Joy Eggerichs, is fast becoming one of my favorite bloggy blog friends. She is sweet, witty, and has a heart for people and for God that inspires me. Joy is one of those people who is genuinely interested in how you are doing when she asks the question – a quality I love about her – and as I’ve watched her over the last few months, she has one of the most gently teachable hearts.

I love watching God work through Joy because she puts her whole heart into the things she commits to, as she has done here today. So what does Joy have to teach us about relationships? Let’s find out!

Our Story, My Story

Guest Blogger: Joy Eggerichs


Twitter: @joyeggerichs

Pen Pal.
Growing up I always thought having a pen-pal was such a cool concept.  If you would have told me one day we would have personal computers where we could read people’s public letters to the world and then become friends with them, I would have been confused. But it’s here…and it’s the world of blogging.

New and improved pen pals! Electronic friendships at your fingertips.

Miss Efficient. Ever so often friends will send me blog posts on relationships.  One day I commented on a forwarded post from Rainmakers and Storm Chasers. Jenny (aka Miss Efficient) quickly replied. Soon after comment introductions, we were emailing, Facebook friends and following each other on Twitter.

It was a crack track to friendship. (I just made that phrase up.  You’re welcome.)

Small World. We quickly figured out that five years prior, we almost became friends.  When I directed conferences for my parents ministry; Love and Respect, we had held an event at the church where Jenny now works.  If it had been a few months later, she probably would have been my point person!

Delayed Gratification. Our friendship stayed dormant until this year when I discovered the world of blogging.  Becoming e-friends with Jenny has been great. She prays for me, encourages me and tells me she likes my writing and videos. (I will hook up the lie detector when we meet in person.)

Similar Souls. Even though we have only “known” each other for a short time, I feel connected to her as well as some of the other amazing blogging women I have “met.” Technology has created a unique world and community for many people.   We can all still feel very much alone.  However, when you have the opportunity to come across other souls that seem to yearn in a similar fashion, you become very grateful for this new fangled world of Pen Pals.

My Heart. When Jenny asked me to guest blog I was so honored. I wanted her to tell me EXACTLY what to write about, but she wouldn’t.  I was electronically lost. I wanted clear guidelines.  No dice.  Jenny told me to do whatever was on my heart…  So, rather than bore you all with bio-nuclear physics, I decided to share the next thing on my heart. ME.

Enter narcissm.

Open Heart. In giving me vague guidelines, Jenny knew exactly what she was doing. It ended up being a perfect little project.  See, some people are unclear why I do my blog.  I’ll admit, there’s some random stuff on there.  I decided I would make a video sharing more of my story.  It may not explain my weirdness, but hopefully it will give insight into why I desire to serve my generation…and how through a broken heart, my heart was opened.




  1. Oh, I’m going to her website right now. 🙂 Thank you, Jenny, for constantly introducing us to GREAT people!!!

    • she is HILARIOUS and with a depth of character that is so beautiful. Love her sweet spirit and I know you will too… and you will probably snort-giggle at some of her posts – they are a hoot!

  2. I love the way you share your space, Jenny. Thanks. 🙂

    • LOL I think I was posting on your site at the same time you were commenting on mine. I love sharing this space – I learn SO much from y’all! 🙂

  3. joy — i have a ton of respect and admiration for you, and hearing a bit more of your own story just makes me love your heart even more. i so appreciate your raw honesty and authenticity. i’m grateful for your friendship.

  4. Cute as button! Thanks for the referral she seems like a true jewel…. I ❤ Authenticity!!!

  5. Thank you Jenny for sharing your space with this blogger! Awesome!

  6. Enjoyed your video. Serving is the highest of paths to live. Thank-you for sharing your story. You light shines through!

  7. Thanks for introducing us to Joy. She seems like a gem and I look forward to following her and reading her blog. Thanks Jenster. Looking forward to the rest of the series.

  8. Thanks everyone for your comments and especially Jenny for playing Blog host. Means a ton. Looking forward to hearing from some of you — there are so many bloggers and readers to meet and learn from!

  9. It is going to be a great week…thankful for the intro to Joy…thanks for putting this together!

  10. I misspelled my own name! 🙂

    • I fixed it Justin “David” 🙂 LOL

  11. […] Tuesday: Joy Eggerichs: Joy is the daughter of Dr. Emerson Eggerichs (author of Love and Respect) and his lovely wife Sarah. Joy will explain how we crossed paths in her blog and video. For me, this intersection with a new bloggy blog friend has been an absolute delight. Joy has a heart for the younger generations and so tends to address the topic of relationships from a very unique perspective. In her post, Joy also has chosen to share the story that led her to begin the journey she is on. Truly Joy is a voice for relationships in the next generation and I am thrilled to have her as a part of the series. […]

  12. […] you missed part 1 by Joy Eggerichs and part 2 by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs – go check em […]

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