Posted by: JennyRain | June 22, 2010

i choose to share.

This year I have sought out a greater transparency, authenticity, and consistency in sharing my life stories.

I have set goals, opened locked doors in my heart, forced the memories out into the light, and stepped off the precipice of fear I had been standing on for thirty years too long.

There are days when my heart rests at the base of my throat, ready to flee my body at any moment as the words form on the page.

There are other days when I form the words, exhale once the story has been shared, and remember how to breathe again…

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Today I’m guest posting on Elora’s site while she travels in Kenya. Please lift the team in prayer as they minister in the slums of Kibera outside of Nairobi, Kenya. Tomorrow I’ll continue the series on trafficking.



  1. loved this post, friend. always appreciate reading your heart.

  2. Jenny, Two years ago I lead a women’s retreat in which we read “Desperate Women of the Bible” by Jo Kadlecek. The theme was the importance of telling our stories and the reasons why we don’t. Fear of rejection or ridicule is at the top of the list. I have learned to share my story more and more, some on my blog, but before that in one-on-one encounters. I love the idea that secrets can hurt us, but the truth cannot. Thanks for sharing your story. Peace, Linda

  3. I’m so thankful that you are true to you, Jenny.
    It is a very brave step… I think a lot of us fear rejection in being authentic and raw about what we’ve gone through or are going through.
    Jesus paid a high price for our freedom. Releasing us from the shackles of shame, showering us in grace.
    I’m finding as I share with those who understand grace, I receive it from them as well… for those who don’t give it ~ I pray for them.
    Staying true to me,

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