Posted by: JennyRain | June 18, 2010

Friday Favorites: Round 9

Welcome to Round 9 of the Friday Favorites!

As y’all know, each Friday I choose three of my favorite OPB’s (Other People’s blogs) from the week and share them. This week I’ve chosen three women’s blogs, two of whom I’ve read for awhile, and one I’m new to, but all who make me think.

Hope you enjoy this week’s edition of the Friday Follow!

You can Do More than you know: Holley Gerth: I am a regular lurker at Holley’s blog and at the team blogging she participates in over at Incourage Me. Holley writes from her toes first… meaning, she gives her whole self into her writing, and as a result, we are invited on this beautiful journey with her. This series has impacted me powerfully because it is all about our dreams and God. Each post has given me a nugget, a challenge, or an inspiration to take away with me into my real-life. It has been especially timely in light of the season I’m in and so I’ve been chewing on her words for days after I consume them. If you are in the season of dreams… you have to follow Holley’s series!


Ice Cream Grace: (Prudence Landis for Elora Nicole Ramirez) Two weeks ago, Elora invited several of us to guest post at her blog while she is ministering in Kenya. The theme? Story. So for two weeks, women from all across the U.S. will share their perspective on story. This series has been captivating, engaging, and raw at times as women have shared what story means to them. This particular blog was written by another of my favorite buddies – Prudy over at and has forever changed how I look at ice-cream cones and God’s grace.



p.s. Elora’s team is in Kenya right now – in the slums of Kibera –ministering. They will be there for the next week so please remember to lift them up in prayer. And guess what?!? I just found out another one of my bloggy-blog friends, Bianca over at will be leaving foe Kenya – KIBERA!! – soon too (small world) so please lift Bianca and her team up in prayer as they finish their preparations.


How He Loves: Lindsey Nobles: Lindsey has about a gogillian posts that I have loved over the weeks, but this one has been one of my favorites. It has remained in my heart because Lindsey has to be one of my favoritest people to pray for because her heart is so incredibly open and teachable to God and so authentic with her friendships, so I see her embracing new God lessons all over the place (and it is SO cool!). Reading this series this week has brought tears to my eyes because – to me – it shows this wonderful new side of Lindsey that she is exploring in her life – How God loves – and as SHE has decided to explore it, she is inviting all of us into this journey with her and allowing God to work in OUR hearts because she has allowed God to work in HER heart.

To me, this series represents the power of growth in community and how as we are transformed, we become transforming impacts on others. Everyone should have a Lindsey in their lives 🙂





  1. Bianca is top notch.

  2. You are too kind. But I love it! Thank you.

  3. Thank you my friend. 🙂

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