Posted by: JennyRain | June 14, 2010

Social Location: Finding my Tweeps

My funny-little brain is fixated on social location.

If you follow me on Twitter at all, you’ll know that I spend at least 1 day every two weeks trying to figure out where all my tweeps are.

“Wait, I thought @soandso was in Texas? Why is she tweeting from Cali?”
“So @himandher and @herandhim are in Rhode Island, right? and they go to church with @meandhim…right?”
“Dagnabit, I thought @starstruck was in Kansas… Oh, she’s not in Kansas anymore?”

I get confused easily.

When my desire to socially locate everyone began, I have no clue, but it persists.

The whole social-location cellular atom in my brain remains on homeostasis as long as everyone stays in the same place.

Atom is quiet. Happy. Content. Atom is in a resting state.

All is well in Atom’s world.

But the minute someone decides to travel, all those little atoms in my brain start bumping into each other and something akin to nuclear fission takes place.

It gets loud up in my brain.

I have no idea why being able to place someone on this virtual map in my brain is so important.

But it is.

And the effect that being able to place a stickpin on a map where my friends live, that is important too.

It’s like, if I know where people are socially located on a map, I know they are real, I know they exist, and I know there is an actual friendship occurring.

Because sometimes in twitter-land, things can become so virtual you wonder if there is substance behind it.

So being able to place my tweeps on a map, it makes things more real for my pea-brain.

Last week my mom took social location to a whole new level.

She called to ask me where my husband was (he wasΒ at a conference) and I had no clue.. the conversation went like this…

“Where’s John’s conference at?” mom asked.
“Mmm somewhere in North Dakota or South Dakota I think,” I said.
“You don’t know?” mom inquired.
“No,” said I.
“Well, when is he coming back?” said mom.
“Sometime this week… maybe Wednesday I think,” I answered.
“You don’t know where your husband is dear? Don’t you find that a little odd?” asked mom.

Well I didn’t until she asked! Jeez mom!

So now I am left with the question, why is social location such a ginormous thing to me sometimes, but not others?

Am I the only one who likes to “place” my friends on a map somewhere?

Is that weird?




  1. Love rocking VA with you!!

  2. I don’t think it’s weird. My guess is that with John, you knew he was coming back—there was no question about it. He’s solid. When you need reassurance about him, it’s not about his existence or his being tethered to a physical place. With the rest of us, we’re (mostly) not so daily. We are a bit more ephemeral-seeming since our interactions mainly occur in a place we can’t physically get to.

  3. I am in Quincy, WA (North Central WA-dead center of the state in the high plains desert), but I just moved here after 28 years in the TX Panhandle. All my family & our daughter are still in TX.

  4. I love the conversation with your mom. I’m sitting here laughing at I mean with you. πŸ™‚

    I’ve never really thought about, but I do check to see what “city” a person’s Twitter says they are in.

    I’m in Peoria, AZ. (currently sitting in Phoenix, at work, typing at my computer. I’ll be back in Peoria about 5 PM Pacific.

  5. I can’t count the times I’ve had a similar conversation with my Mom!

    • soooo glad I’m not alone πŸ™‚ tee hee!

  6. haha. I do that all the time. I gotta know where people are all the time. I find myself craving information. I can tell you a lot about a lot people I follow just because I like to know how they are doing and where they are at.

    I’m in Seattle, about three hours from @baylormum


  7. See, sweetheart, this is why I always stay in the exact same place… So you always know where I am πŸ˜‰

    • and most of the time (unless some supernatural blessing falls on my lap)… i am usually here in sunny LA inside my office while the beautiful sun is toasting someone else’s skin on the beach.

    • awwww – see that is why I love you πŸ™‚

  8. If you ever want to know which little atom I am… I’m the one with a little Atom symbol tattooed on my upper left calf. πŸ˜‰

    • ok – you are too adorable! tee hee! thanks girl πŸ™‚

  9. Jenny, nah, you’re not weird, at least not for wanting to place your friends in a mental setting. You may in fact be weird in other areas, but hey, who am I to judge, (hehe). I just want to let you know, I live in P-H-O-E-N-I-X, an oddly spelled city in arizona. Phoenix is a great place for you to visit, just not now. Great place to visit during fall, winter, and spring, not a summer destination no matter how low the resort rates drop, trust me, I’m a native.
    Social destinations, not a big deal to me, but that’s just me. I know “you” live somewhere on the east coast, think it may be a Carolina or a Virginia, not sure which, don’t really care. You and John are real though, no doubt there. I am just pleased to know I have a brother and sister in Christ over there somewhere working for the cause. Okay, goin to bed now, God Bless

  10. No, it’s not weird. I have a mental map too. And I prefer to know what a person’s surroundings look like. When my siblings move, I have this need to go see them in their new house so that I can picture them there when we’re talking on the phone. Photos help, but in-person visits are best. It just gives me a sort of peace to know where they are and have a sense of the place. I’m hoping to visit some of my Xanga friends in Britain one of these days, and I bet that’s part of it.

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