Posted by: JennyRain | May 18, 2010

The Faces of Africa

If I had to pick one thing that I miss the most about Africa, it would be its beautiful faces.

Yes it is true, Africa has some of the most spectacular countryside in the world.

No this is not the MS windows screen, it is a tea field in Burundi

Its robust colors can make a rainbow seem bland. Mountains and valleys emit a magnificent spectrum of blues and greens un-capturable even by the best photographic technology.


Mountains on the road back from Gitega

Africa’s sunsets are second-to-none.


Sunset over the Congo


Sunset over Lake Tanganyika

No, it’s not Africa’s countryside that I will miss…

I will miss the deep landscape of Africa’s history etched on the faces of every Burundian I met.

These faces have grooved an indelible rut into my heart.

I long deeply to see the faces of Africa again.

My breakaway from Africa has not been as swift and clean as in years past.

These faces have ahold of my heart.

My soul.

My spirit.

These faces will not let go.

Those who claim God lacks beauty have not gazed into the eyes of a Burundian child.

Or listened to sisters share their story of escape into Tanzania as ethnic warfare broke out in their village.

They have not yet met my Burundian teammates from America who chose to return, encourage, and care for those in Africa still struggling in cycles of poverty, lack of education, and community conflict.


Teammate Seraphine outside of Makamba

Teammate Chantal

Yes, these are the faces of Africa that have captivated me.

I’m not ready to let these faces go.

I’m not ready to let Africa go.

And Africa is not letting go of me this time either

People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him.  ~Pearl Bailey

This edition of Rainmakers and Storm Chasers brought to you by “Project Life Tuesday” over at Jessica’s blog (pssst… you can enter too!)





  1. Oh, thank you for those beautiful pictures and words — and for your heart’s love for those dear people!

    Africa has not let go of me either!

    Looking forward to more of your stories.

  2. Ok…now you’re just making it worse. Yes, I really must go there. 🙂 Thank you for sharing these beautiful words and images.

  3. Those pics are the JAM!! i love looking at what you saw! i love that your heart tells the story of what you saw, that is what makes the picture.

    SO FUN!

  4. Wow Jenny,
    Beautiful people, and you have such a calling to be with them. Have you thought about being a full time missionary? Only God and you know if that is what He has in store for you. You are right though, the great scenery pictures are second to the people. God Bless

  5. People see God every day, they just don’t recognize him. ~Pearl Bailey

    LOVE THIS. you are changing the world!

  6. Wow. Beauty streams from every photo, every face, every word.

  7. Hold on tight!!!!!! There’s no good reason to let go!!!

    • thought about your comment all evening Sheryl… you are so right! i so appreciate your wisdom friend 🙂

  8. …beautiful.

  9. Jenny, these pictures are breath-takingly beautiful. Love what you’re sharing…

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