Posted by: JennyRain | May 17, 2010

Africa Rising

Africa-waking-up is a full-frontal assault on the senses.

Rubbing-eyes adjust to warm golden sunshine as sun pushes down earth’s horizon to stretch bright arms heavenward. Stripes of orangey-yellow lift night’s black eyelids until morning-sky’s amber pupils are fully revealed.

Early bird flitters to the window ledge to hum a practice note. Happy-lilting tweets pull back dawn’s curtain for eager eyes to  see a stage bursting into Africa’s morning-life.

Acrid smoke pushes out of the open doorways of sienna-mudded huts and curls around barefooted travelers on their way to work. Mama, clad with baby in a multi-colored Kanga crouches to stir morning meal while squeals and screams fall from half-shirted running-toddler petering after sister-without-shoes.

Breeze carries pungent smells and sounds behind the mosquito net and rouses visitor into her next day.

Throwing careless-legs onto humid-stick of early-bedroom floor, pungent smoke is wiped away by the back of visitor’s hand as fingers lazily slide across eyes and nose (though smoke’s flavor has painted her tongue too).

Visitor’s senses cannot escape the welcome embrace of morning in Africa.

America’s sanitized version of morning simply cannot compare.

I miss Africa rising.

I am alert for the African-morning-symphony but back in America my senses are yet asleep.

Here, we have disinfected morning.


This week at Rainmakers and Stormchasers…

As many of you know, I have just returned from two-weeks on mission in Burundi, Africa where a team and I partnered with World Relief in training and development.

This week I will be sharing about some of the “snap-shots” of my trip through photos I have taken (thank you Trina-cam) and stories I have experienced.

My hope is to share with you the Africa I have seen and to encourage you – if you have not yet considered embracing Africa for yourself – to go see, touch, and feel the heartbeat of the African nations.

Second-source stories simply cannot encapsulate the robust experience of an African visit. One must visit Africa with the heart and the eyes, the intellect and the hands, the soul and the feet… because Africa leaves a fingerprint on our Spirits that is unique to each visitor whether or not you are called to minister there.

For those of you who have prayed for me the last two weeks – I am indebted.

For my faithful guest bloggers – I love you guys. Hands down the best part of returning home – for me – was seeing the incredible community that happened – because of EACH of you – and it happened while I was a continent away. That was an incredible homecoming gift for me. Words simply cannot express my gratitude to each of you… to my writers, to visitors to the Rain, and to faithful community members who come back day after day…

Know that you are a daily blessing to me.

I cannot wait to show you my Africa… to share with you how God poured into me during these two weeks… and to journey hand-in-hand with you as I unravel some of the threads of the story God has me in the middle of.

Let the adventure begin…




  1. So excited to get a great glimpse of Africa through your eyes!

  2. Welcome back, Jenny… I look forward to seeing Africa through your eyes. My best friend is leaving in September for Mozambique. She is still trying to convince me to go with her. I must admit, I have a bit of fear that I’ll come back changed beyond recognition. I have a sense that Africa does that to people {through the working of the Holy Spirit}.
    Much love as you settle back in… and continued prayers!

    • Thank you so much Manda!

      OOO you have to go… even if it is just for a short time… Africa leaves such a footprint on your heart… you will LOVE it 🙂

  3. Wow Jenny,
    The growth you experience on a mission like that is amazing. I am actually going on my first mission this fall, 17 days in austria and I can’t wait. It is a service mission and I know I will learn a lot. looking forward to hearing your stories daily. God Bless

    • Jim that is SO exciting! Please let me know the dates because I’d love to lift you in prayer. You are going to love short-term missions… they are such an incredible experience:)


  4. love being able to see Africa through your eyes, and feel it through your heart!

    • thank you friend 🙂 it is truly a magical place… sigh 🙂

  5. So I’m new to your blog, but I’ve been reading Alece & Lisa-Jo’s for a while now. Between the three of you I have a desire to visit Africa that has never been in me before. This post especially has me yearning to pack up my 9-month pregnant self, husband and three kids for a permanent transplant there. I am excited to hear more about your trip and see the photos you’ve taken. 🙂

  6. I am LOVING following these, quietly but rapt (has to be good to shush me up 😉 )

  7. This was nothing short of poetic. I am so excited to really meet Africa this week. So happy to have you home.

  8. Your words. Your pictures. Your heart. Makes me want to take the trip for myself. *sigh*

    • OOOO Randi you should… it is amazing there 🙂

      • I believe it is. Hopefully one day I get the chance.

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