Posted by: JennyRain | April 30, 2010

Friday Favorites: Round 4

Welcome to my edition of the Friday Follow!

In the spirit of promoting OPB (Other People’s Blogs) here is round 4 of my Friday Favorites. Instead of reading my blog today… I want to encourage you to visit some of my other favorite blogs of the week. 

Africa Update: Lord willing, we will be boarding a plane to leave for Africa (Burundi) tomorrow (Saturday) for two weeks to help train local relief workers and pastors. There are eight of us going, four of whom are native to African soil so we are extremely excited. The next two weeks you will see my Guest Blogger series from some of my favorite ladies blog on the topic of “Newness.” I absolutely know you will be blessed! Though I will not be online for a couple of weeks, the blogs are set to go and at the top I have a little “Africa Update” and prayer request for y’all so you know where I am…

Happy reading, and as always, I am privileged and honored to be on this journey with y’all and thankful that you come to the Rain each week. God bless!

Time to Walk Together, Manda, A Time Under Heaven. It amazes me that I have not found this blog before! Manda’s post is absolutely captivating and her writing lyrically engaging. I read several of her posts and stepped into this peaceful place that ministered to my soul. If you haven’t read her yet, she is a must read!

How I met My Husband, AnnieLaurie, My Living Canvas. AnnieLaurie, also dubbed ALW or ADubs for short is a friend, co-worker, and co-missionette with me. We have braved Guatemala, no running water, and mudslides up (and down) a hill in a monsoon, singleness to marriedness, bridesmaid bliss, and understanding-ministry-ness together. Her story of how she met her husband is one of my favorite blog series that she does each year on their anniversary (this year with be their fifth!) It is my favorite of hers because I got to walk a lot of it with her and because I have seen the amazing story that God has put together for ALW and Brian. Theirs truly is a match made in heaven!

Psst… in  my absence, AnnieLaurie will be managing my blog, twitter, and facebook accounts… Yay ALW!

Follow: @annielaurie

Love more, sin less, Pete, Without Wax. Pete is the pastor of Crosspoint Church in TN (4 locations) and the author of the newly released, Plan B: What Do You Do When God Doesn’t Show Up the Way You Thought He Would? Thanks to in-church-tweeters @JCWert and @AnIdolHeart and others… I have the immense privilege of “hearing” snippets of Pete’s talks each week (Love that!) This week’s blog of his really cramped my brain (in a good way). Something I like about Pete is that when scripture captures him, he does not just shake it off… he allows himself to be captured and changed… read the blog and you’ll see!

Follow: @pwilson


Click here to get the whole list of regular reads, and look below for the new additions to my reading list!

There is a time under heaven (Manda)

Leading and Loving It (Team blog) (Josh)




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