Posted by: JennyRain | April 29, 2010

Finding a Quiet Space

I need more quiet spaces in my day.

Quiet that stretches beyond morning devotional times.

I know that I need more quiet reflection because currently all of my creative thoughts pounce on me the minute I walk into the bathroom.

Bathrooms are quiet.


Just sayin…

Last Saturday I had a whole day of quiet.

In the quiet spaces I heard blogs write and birds sing.
I heard the pre-sleepy-eyed sigh my Abby Grace gives on her struggle toward the pillow.

John was at soccer. I was organizing my closet and packing for Africa.

There was no noise.


space to breathe… in…out… in… out

room for my heart to move.


I need more quiet spaces in my day.

Silence that makes itself present and invites me into its holy hug.

The texture of a bluebird flapping her wings as she lands next to her mate on the branch…
The rhythm of a violin humming on the neighbor’s stereo…
The cadence of a grandfather clock spinning into afternoon…

God breaks into my silence.

I most often meet Him here as Elohim… Creator God.

In silence is where I discover my creativity.
Because my creativity is in my heart and soul.

And therin is where God dwells.

I need more silence.

Because I need more of God.





  1. Awesome picture of peace. Thank you for a great window/snap shot into your time with him. Intimate goodness.

  2. Me too! You expressed it more beautifully than I was thinking, so “Yeah, that!”

    Thank you! I’m going to find more quiet spaces today myself!


  3. I get it!
    It’s in those quiet moments that I hear the whispers of God’s heart. When I slow my fast-past life down to breathe in His presence.
    God has been challenging me to slow it all down, and not miss out on the beauty.

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog… your compliment made my day. Jenny, saying such things about MY writing… WOW! Thank you, it means SO much! xo

  4. in Thel’s words, I am choosing to “be a good boy” and not extending the metaphor of the restroom, although I find the imagery quite effective.

    It’s interesting that as humans about the only completely protected time many people have is in the restroom, though. The nothingness is extremely uncomfortable for us as a culture it seems!

    From time to time my wife Bethany and I enjoy seeing the silly things people say to each other. Textsfromlastnight is one place you can see some really weird things. One submission caught my eye: “I think I am incapable of pooping without Text Twist.”

    Are we as a culture so uncomfortable with the quiet and still moments that we must defend ourselves against them?

    I think it is a sign of Getting It that we not only are comfortable with those quiet moments where the constant noise of the world is around us, but that we seek to create new opportunities for that quiet in our days.

    • yes… why do you think I moved back to DC? I needed to get my noise on 🙂

  5. My life is noisy. I need quiet spaces too.

  6. I used to have lots of quiet in my life before I got married. It was too much quiet then. Now I really appreciate the quiet, when I have the house, or the car, to myself. But I’m finding God even in the hectic noisy times. I pray countless times for help in difficult situations and God delivers me. It gives me peace in the noise of my life. I think God speaks to us in whatever situation we’re in as long as we call to him.

    • good word thel 🙂

  7. Beautifully written! It’s odd, but as a writer who sits at home all day alone quietly until the family returns you’d think it would be peaceful…but no. My mind races with ideas.

    That’s why I cherish those moments when I step away from the computer to sit on my back porch and listen to the wind blow through the trees. It fills me with a calm like none other!

    Thanks for the great post!

  8. I am surrounded by silence and sometimes I still crave it… because silence without BEING silent just isn’t the same.

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