Posted by: JennyRain | April 23, 2010

Friday Favorites: Round 3

So this week’s Friday Favorite Blogs are dedicated to women bloggers who make me laugh.

As y’all know – Friday is the day I point you towards OPB (Other People’s Blogs) instead of my own.

This week, you are going to laugh – I promise you!

1 – Lessons in a Village, Pre Middle Age, Cole Harmonson. I am new to Cole’s blog (Thank you Mandy Thompson!). She is hysterical y’all. She is like chocolate on steriods and will give you belly-aching-giggledypoos. This post is a classic. What do you do when everything goes wrong all at the same time? Thanks to Cole, we are able to laugh at it – with her of course – not at her. Warning: Do not read this while drinking coffee – you will laugh so hard you will end up spilling it everywhere.

Twitter: @PreMiddleAge

2 – Analyze This, Love and Respect NOW, Joy Eggerichs (yes she is the daughter of Emerson Eggerics of Love and Respect ). Joy’s humor is sneaky. Just when you think she is going to present a normal, run of the mill story, she sneaks in a pun or a punch or both and you do a reading-double-take or a raucous-rewind. This post is a relationship-all-skate (to borrow a Grit-term) so jump on over to her post and participate… I have a feeling her questions will generate some pretty hilarious responses!

Twitter: @JoyEggerichs

3 – Telltale Signs of a Bad Boss, Living Dilbert. Though I do not suffer from having bad-boss syndrome, I know several of you do. This post (and its counterpart 2)  will give you the giggles and might even encourage you on a Friday that yes indeedy – if you have a bad boss, you are NOT alone.

UPDATE: My domain name has changed. You can now get to the Rain at: (psst will still work, I just wanted a simpler avenue for folks to get here!)

Click here to get the whole list of regular reads, and look below for the new additions to my reading list!

What’s up with the Werts? (Amy)

Chad Markley (Chad)

Whittaker Woman (Heather)

Thoreau-Bred Baby (Kelli)

(RE)made (Adam)





  1. Thanks so much for mentioning me here!!!

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