Posted by: JennyRain | April 16, 2010

Friday Favorites: Round 2

This week there were SO many great blog posts it was hard to limit it to only 3.

In the spirit of promoting OPB (Other People’s Blogs) instead of hoarding them all to myself… here is round 2 of my Friday Favorites. Instead of reading my blog today… I want to encourage you to visit some of my other favorite blogs of the week.


1 – Crawling Nearer on my knees, Heart and Home, Ashleigh Baker. Ashleigh’s entire story is one of honoring her husband, courage in the face of difficulties, and pit-of-your-stomach-dropping loneliness. She handles all of this with a grace that I has been inspirational for me to watch. What do you do after betrayal, loss, and extra-ordinary pain? How do you respond to God? This post talks about Ashleigh’s courageous response to multiple heart-breaks and the loneliness of having her sweet military husband away for months at a time and how this impacts her relationship with God.

2 – Pastor Barbie and Pulpit Culture, An Idol Heart, Grant Jenkins. This post will reach out and kick you in the bee-hind, run circles around you, and then do it again. How can we create churches that motivate the broken to jump out of the pews instead of sit there frozen in mid-sing? How can we demolish pretense and get real in our churches? Grant has some great thoughts. If your community of faith is stuck in a growth hiatus, if your parishoners are frozen in mid-squat (only halfway rising from the wooden pews), then this is a great post for you to read!

3 – The Blind Eye, Spin the Axis, Jason Wert. Not only am I a daily reader and continually encouraged and challenged by Jason’s posts, but this week I have had the amazing privilege of getting to know the heart behind his words. I have come to deeply respect Jason – because he courageously wrote another side to the story I blogged about this week – and because he did it with a decency in his responses towards me that shows me he is a true brother in Christ who takes Jesus’ teachings to heart. For this, I greatly admire him.

Jason is passionate about what he has learned through his story. Because of Jason’s feedback this week – my series on my dad has been better, clearer, and less likely to be mis-interpreted. I have seen the tremendous power – through our interchange this week – of the benefits of living out our faith in community and being accountable to the WHOLE gospel.

This post is another piece in the puzzle of how do we respond, as Christians, to the difficult questions we encounter? His post gives mine greater balance and is a necessary part of the process we as Christ followers have been invited into with others – that process of holistic redemption in Christ. Because my heart is to provide a place on my blog where we ALL have the chance to express who we are authentically – I wanted Jason’s blog to speak too. Now… understand how deeply I respect Jason as you comment on his blog. No haters please… we got too much to worry about in our communities of faith 🙂

Each week I will also be adding new blogs I have discovered…eeeeee! I’m excited about this part.

Click here to get the whole list of regular reads, and look below for the new additions to my reading list!

Holy Handmaiden (Courtnee)

Living Dilbert

Stuff Christians Like (Jonathan)

Reflections of a Ragamuffin (Traylor)

Annie Blogs (Annie)

Pre Middle Age (Cole)

Tom Davis (Tom) (Tim)

Jonathan Pearson (Jonathan)

Happy Reading!




  1. Thanks for sharing these. It’s fun to peruse the deeper blogs since my taste in blogs tends to be towards the light, fluffy, and happy. =)
    P.S. I shared your story about your Dad with several people and I think it was very eye opening to them. It was such a vulnerable and fresh perspective. Have you read about singer Jennifer Knapp coming out as a lesbian? I’m very interested to see how the Christian community reacts.

    • I did! I reposted an update on my first iteration of the series to include that link. It came out early afternoon on Monday… such interesting timing. is also doing a series on the hard questions this week, and my old church in GA is talking about the issue of homosexuality this weekend (

      I guess God knows timing, that is for sure 🙂 I’m honored you shared my blogs… thank you so much 🙂

  2. Wow, thank you so much for the blog love, Jenny! i really appreciate that and am very glad you enjoyed that post so much! have an awesome weekend!

    • Grant – have really enjoyed your posts the last couple weeks… it was hard to choose a favorite! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the blog love. You’re a very strong, impressive woman and I’m glad we crossed paths.

    • me too! your blog challenges me regularly – and my series was stronger this week because you helped me make sure I was saying what I meant to. thank you so much Jason!

  4. Thanks so much for the honor of being on that list, Jenny… I’m so glad we connected. I love, love your writing, your transparency, your story. Much love…

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