Posted by: JennyRain | April 11, 2010

The Princess Behind the Mask

She is the Princess Behind the Mask, but she does not know it yet.

Her life consists of ever-elusive externals because she has not discovered the beauty within.

She is waiting. Waiting for her prince to draw her out. She longs for Him to draw out the beauty inside. But she remains consistently bereft because too many false princes plague her doorstep and respond to the mask, all the while ignoring the princess inside.

She is so much more. A deep well of water waiting for someone to draw life from her. Instead the wilderness wanderers only glance in her direction. They assume she is tapped out and conclude that after all of these years of sitting unnoticed in a barren desert, her provision has gone dry. They assume she has no worth. They keep walking, around her, over her, and beyond her, safely content and dead wrong in their assumptions about the depths of her true identity.

The Princess Behind the Mask is my friend. She is my neighbor. She is my co-worker.

The Princess Behind the Mask is all of us, but none of us.

She has become so adept at wearing the mask that she has almost convinced herself, but not quite. Because inside, the screams of the lonely little girl longing to be loved, valued, cherished, and accepted continue to pierce her existence. The Princess Behind the Mask wants to be known for who she is, not who she has had to become.

Deception has birthed the mask, but shame keeps it in place.

When a woman struggles with her identity, all other things are secondary. She cannot know what she wants unless she knows who she is, and she cannot know who she is unless someone tells her, because she has hidden for so many years behind the mask, that she has forgotten.

The Princess looks for traces of herself in other people, longing to validate the hidden identity deep within her. She reaches out for her Prince when she sees those parts of herself that have suddenly become visible in another person. But her reaching chases the apparition away like a smoke-filled-cloud because she cannot find herself in another person. Only in her Prince.

What is supposed to define her eludes her and what is supposed to center her knocks her off balance as pieces of the mask shatter to reveal the princess behind it. She quickly covers to repair the breach…

Originally published on 12/15/2006




  1. ftwonderful! Do you know that I meet the Afghan Lady in the picture!!! And do you know that she is the symbol of immigrants? It was nice meeting you, even for a few hours.

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