Posted by: JennyRain | April 9, 2010

Friday Favorites

Today I start a new Friday blog series entitled “Friday Favorites.”

I confess. I have been a bit of a blog-hoarder. To remedy my lone-lurking tendencies, rather than keeping all of these wonderful blogs to myself, I want to begin sharing them with you!

Each Friday, I will choose three of my favorite blogs and post them on my blog. Rather than reading my blog on Fridays, I want to encourage you to drink in the wisdom, joy, and encouragement of my favorite bloggers.

It is my hope that you will be blessed by this amazing community of bloggers. I hope that these blogs touch  your hearts and bring a smile to your face or a tear to your eye. May you be encouraged, challenged, and inspired by these women and men – as I have been.

Friday Favorites for April 9th, 2010:

1 – Grit and Glory: This is one of my all-time favorite posts from one of my all-time favorite bloggers, Alece Ronzino. She calls it Monday Morning Confession, and I still can’t read this post without crying because I laugh so hard. Truthfully, Alece’s blog is a must-read-again-and-again. Her beautiful-redemptive-brokenness is expressed in a way that celebrates life, inspires, challenges, and is authentically her. She was the first blogger to “push me off the proverbial ledge” I had been safely standing on for years. Because she was able to share her story, it gave me courage to start sharing my own. So, my fave is Monday Morning Confession… but her entire blog is a must read!

2 – Flowerdust: Anne Jackson is a prolific author, speaker and self proclaimed “social-change activist.” This week she is in Moldova blogging to increase awareness about the devastation the sex-trafficking industry is having on our world. These posts are hard to read, but if you can stay with her throughout this week, it will be worth it. Her post, The Sex Cafe, left me speechless.

3 – GitzenGirl: Sara Frankl is a daily inspiration to me. This particular blog, Pour Out, absolutely wrecked my soul in a magnificent way on Good Friday of last week. It was raw and authentic and allowed me a tiny glimpse into the world of chronic illness that Gitz lives in every day. I still can’t read this post without my heart bursting into a million tiny pieces. Bring the kleenex… Gitz’s writing is powerful and beautifully redemptive.

p.s. in case you are wondering, “what ARE the blogs that Jenny likes?” I have included the entire list below for your viewing pleasure (In alphabetical order) 🙂 If there are other blogs y’all recommend… please send them my way!!

An Idol Heart (Grant)
Annie Blogs (Annie)
Best Days of My Life (Sarah)
Bring the Rain (Alicia)
Blessed Dad (Jim)
Come & See (Tracee)
Everything Happens for a Reason (Tonya)
Fearless Flying (Bailey)
Find me…The Real me (Heidi)
Flowerdust (Anne)
GitzenGirl (Sara)
Giving up on Perfect (Mary)
Grit and Glory (Alece)
The Gypsy Mama (Lisa-Jo)
Heart-and-Home (Ashleigh)
InProgress (Tam)
Jenni Clayville (Jenni)
JJJourney (Sarah Rachel)
Just Sayin (Lindsey)
Leading in Shades of Gray (Jenni)
Love and Respect NOW (Joy)
Lysa TerKeurst (Lysa)
Mandy Thompson (Mandy)
Mary Jo Hess (Mary Jo)
My Cup Overflows (Patricia)
My Heart Resonates with a Glorious Sound (Jessica)
My Living Canvas (AnnieLaurie)
People of the Second Chance (Mike & Jud)
Prudy Chick (Prudence)
Rachel Olsen (Rachel)
Ryan Spilhaus (Ryan)
Ragamuffin Soul (Carlos)
Rainbow Gulf of Love (Gladwell)
Refine Us (Trisha and Justin)
Robyn W. Buxton (Robyn)
Shaun Groves (Shaun)
Sheryl O’Bryan (Sheryl)
Spin-the-Axis (Jason)
Spur (Kristie)
Taza and Husband (Kingsley the bulldog)
Treasures of My Heart (Melissa)
T. Suzanne Eller (Suzie)
What Matters Most (Melanie)
Walter the Pug (Walter)
Without Wax (Pete)




  1. Wow! Thanks for including me on your list! 🙂

    Alece is flat out incredible. She is such an inspiration to anyone who had a serious curveball thrown into their life plan. It’s must read material for anyone facing a trial in their lives.

    • Heck yeah Jason – I am a daily lurker on your blog 🙂 I love this most recent series – it is awesome! (and I agree with you about Alece too 🙂 )

  2. I love all three of those ladies. Thanks for the list of other bloggers. I’ll be picking up a few of them too.

    • Makeda… when are we all going to convince you to enter into blogger land? 🙂 i have a feeling you have a wonderful story to share too!

  3. Anne’s post just left me sitting on my couch speechless.

  4. wow, jenny-girl. thank you.

    (and i love that we pretty much read the same blogs!)

  5. Thank you for including me too! It was great to look at some of the blogs you mentioned. My eyes are being opened to the world that is “blogging” at it is such an incredible medium of information.

    Blessings new friend!

    • Joy – absoloodle absoloodle… your posts are awesome girl… and your tweets are even better… loved the 6 pound dog… oops, I mean 5 pound dog… I have to keep reminding my dad of the same thing 🙂

  6. Jenny
    Found your blog through anothers favorites. Now you are sharing others blogs on your site. Thank you for your real and authentic writing. Your posts have blessed me. God bless!

    • Robyn – you are on the list girl – i didn’t have your site cached so I couldn’t find you again… thanks for the comment, it enabled me to add you. love your site!

  7. Very cool! Love it! 🙂 Thanks so much for listing me! I really appreciate it. Looks like there are several folks doing variations on this idea, and I think it’s awesome! 🙂

    • Yeah – I LOVE the community that seems to be springing up across the blogger world… and I love it even more when people do posts like this, because then it gives me a whole new slew of blogs to read. LOVE your blog… can’t remember how I found it, but your posts have been right on time more than once for me 🙂

  8. im on the list!!

    serious hug to my heart.

    and i love me some grit and gitz!! those two ladies are nothing short of amazing!

    what a fabulous community list as well. i absolutely love the sharpening that takes place. cant imagine life without ‘knowing’ some of these beautiful people.

    • Of course you are – LOVE your blog, it has challenged me on several occasions…. love that! I agree… it is amazing the sharpening that has occurred in my life as I’ve stumbled upon some of these bloggers stories… so amazing 🙂

      love me some Gyspy-Gitz-Grit too 🙂

      • you make my heart smile.

  9. Glad I made the final blog list 😉

    • heck yeah! you are on my blog roll too! 🙂

  10. […] Click here to get the whole list of regular reads, and look below for the new additions to my reading list! […]

  11. Wow…. Jenny Thank you for adding me to your list…. I feel so honored. I love your blog and those who you share with us…

    I have shared a hard one to write today, but it was real and raw…. and now.

    Just feeling a little bit of a sadness in my heart.

  12. Thanks for this list of great bloggers. I’ll be adding some to my list!

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