Posted by: JennyRain | April 7, 2010

Duck-Poop, Delicacies, and Pugs

My pug ate duck poop last night

A big glob.

A monstrous glob.

Then she looked at me like this:

What’s up with that?!?

That face – its like puggie-OD (OD = oppositional defiant)

And for all of you pug-experts out there, puhleeease do not tell me my dog needs more protein. That is just plain gross.

I immediately ran over to her, flailing my arms and shouting, “get it out get it out get it out!”

As if OD pug could understand my wailing.

She just stood there, said duck terd hanging from the side of her mouth.

I wanted to hurl. She looked like she had just consumed a hot-fudge sundae.

I’m just sayin…

The plentiful pole of poop dangled precariously from her pucker.

Abby Grace stood, frozen, in mid-smush, looking at me. Daring me to grab it.

Did she seriously think I was going to reach out and grab the terd?

I just stood there yelling, “get it out get it out SPIT IT OUT!”

Then I grabbed a stick to try and knock it out, but was unsuccessful in my mommy-thwart-attempt because everytime I got the stick near her mouth, Abby just tilted her head to one side or another.

Outsmarted by a pug? Say it ain’t so.

She observed my histrionic antics, waited for an opportune moment and then, GULP, in one swallow, she consumed the terd, as if it were a delicacy of the grandest kind.

It was all I could do to keep from dry-heaving on the spot.

I wonder how often God has tried to grab something of poop-quality out of my mouth?

Words I should have never said.

I wonder how many times God has tried to recover something that was in my hands?

Temptations I should have never succumbed to.

I wonder how often God has swung a stick trying to knock something out of my life? I wonder how many times I have sensed God reaching for it and clutched it tighter to my chest.

I wonder…

I wonder if my caviar-looking-delicacy, that thing that I was willing to lose an eye, a tooth, or my life over… is in reality, just duck poop?

My people ask their wooden idols for help. A piece of wood tells them what to do. A spirit of prostitution leads them astray. They commit adultery by giving themselves to other gods. Hosea 4:12

and they became as detestable as that which they loved. Hosea 9:10b



  1. My Zeus and Abby would get along great. Just saying. We give our dogs really good food and still….

    How sweet we think something tastes only to be fooled and we realize it was crap. How sweet the fruit Eve & Adam ate must have tasted only to see their nakedness and experience shame.

  2. Wow… you leave me to ask myself the same questions and one thing that keeps coming to mind is… TOO MANY to even count!

  3. your dog is soooo cute! ha!

    poop in mouth…reminds me of a story my mother told me…my mom said i ate poop when i was younger…i thought it was chocolate in my diapers. LOL.

    just wanted to share that 😉

  4. this is one of the best blogs ive ever read. yes, God is definitely wanting to grab something poop quality out of all our mouths. and what a great real life image of what that must seem like to God when we act all stoooopid about it!

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