Posted by: JennyRain | March 23, 2010

Have you ever…

…been so angry that you want to rip someone’s head off?

I’m feeling that way at this exact moment.


I am screaming very loudly right now. on the inside.

If you would like to join me, this can be an inside-voice-group-activity.

Ready… 1…2…3…


I am disturbed by get frustrated with can’t stand people who micromanage have an unhealthy need to control others.

I am thirty-nine people.

Not twelve.


And just to clear the air – no John and I did not get in a fight, and no I am not mad at my bosses, they are great, and no I am not mad at any of my friends….There are just some days, when RIDICULOUS things happen and it irritates the mess out of you.

Ok, rant over.




  1. I’ve had those days lately. Screaming with you. Praying it gets better.

    • thank you – y’all rock 🙂 i am just about over my temper tantrum… wait… ok… um… just about over. ok, now i’m better. 🙂


    • love you girl … sorry to unload earlier…

  3. ugh. i hate that too.

    as leaders, we can’t just delegate responsibility. we also have to delegate authority.

    • Yes! grrrr…. why do we have so many training classes on stuff like that and so few people who get it. sigh

  4. […] I had a bad, really bad, crappy day yesterday. […]

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