Posted by: JennyRain | March 22, 2010

Are you the Melody or the Harmony?

Do you like to sing (or make a joyful noise)?

I love it!

One of the reasons I like to “click buttons” (aka, advance Planning Center Online) and sit through three back-to-back weekend services is because I get to worship more than once

It is definitely not cuz I’m super spiritual y’all.

Singing sets my heart free to soar.

I do not like to sing the melody much.

See, I’m a harmony girl. Loooove to sing harmony.

To me, trying to find the complicated blends that match the melody is more fun.

It’s challenging. Inspiring.

I think God designed me to sing harmony, not melody (Although, if you ask Cheryl and Bill on our Sunday tech booth team, they may have other ideas about my “harmony ability” – LOL)

Singing harmony focuses me on the balance of notes.

When I can find the undertone or overtone of the harmony, that note that sneaks in and adds texture to the song, I get excited. Without that harmony, the melody can stand on its own, but with the harmonic the song explodes in robustness.

There is a definite place for the harmony,  but it is not running the whole show. PTL!

I tend to live my life like I sing.

Looking for the harmony.

See, I’ve always been that person who looks for ways that I can come alongside of others and find ways to encourage, uplift, and pray for them.

Being in charge of an entire enterprise terrifies me. I can handle a vice-presidency, but put me in the presidential seat and I freeze.

That gut-sinking paralysis that takes your breath away.

If I look at my life… I have consistently been placed one step away from leaders in support positions that allow me to come alongside and support, pray for, encourage, and help hold up their arms if they get tired.  

I love this because it is like singing harmony to their melody and its fun!

A lot of years in my life were spent attempting to sing the melody.

My corporate career had me leading teams. I attempted to lead small groups and mission trips. Though I had the skill set to do it, I never felt quite “comfortable” there and somehow I would always attempt to find someone in the group that had the gift of leadership and then I’d start encouraging them to lead.

Once I got them primed for leadership, I would then step back.

Even if my title said, “leader.”


If only I would have discovered earlier that I like singing harmony in support of the melody.

What about you… are you a melody or a harmony person?

But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as He wanted them to be 1 Cor 12.18




  1. I’m a little of both…I like to sing harmony and help others but sometimes I just gotta solo. 😉

    • Yeah, I should probably fess up to jamming out a solo from time to time… my poor pugs 🙂

  2. GREAT ARTICLE!!!! Hmmmmmmmm……

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  4. i love me some good harmonies. seriously.

    i wish i could sing. i can’t, but it doesn’t stop me. i always attempt to find/sing the harmony, but … well … at least it’s music to God’s ears!

    and life and leadership, i tend to thrive best as harmony. i’m not the greatest up-front, solo, melody person. although i now find myself there. i’m anxious to see what God does with that.

    • me too! i love stepping into that harmony position… Wow, that is cool, in reading your blogs, I totally would have thought you exceled at being a leadership-melody too… you seem very gifted there too 🙂

      Excited for you in this new season…

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