Posted by: JennyRain | March 11, 2010

The Power of a Praying Wife

It is amazing to see what God does when wives commit to praying for their husbands.

My dear mentor and I are reading through The Power of a Praying Wife, by Stormie Omartian.

I love this book.

Stormie is so transparent in this book about what she has struggled through. For new wives, it is reassuring to know that I am not alone in the things I wrestle with.

What is amazing about this book however, is that my mentor has been married for over three decades and I am watching God bless her just as much!

I love it when a book can touch lives inter-generationally.

What has struck me about the book so far is how much of the foundation of our prayer lives as wives begin with God doing a work in our heart.

Sitting down to pray for my husband, I often think that he is the problem.

And ladies, let’s be real, sometimes our hubbies – sweet as they are – can be the problem!

Stormie talks about a conversation she has with God during a prayer time where she is bemoaning the fact that her husband has a lot of issues and he needs to change, and their marriage would be so much better if he changed (I feel ya Stormie!)

God challenges her with this…

The point is not who needs to change, the point is who is willing to change.


That seems so unfair!

And I’ll admit – I don’t like it.

For many events in my life the scripture…

I was forced to restore what I did not steal…

…rang true. It is not fair when I am called to fix something someone else has broken. It is not fair when someone else lashes out, but I am called to be kind and forgiving. It is not fair when I am covering for another’s mistakes.

If I get all psycho-babblish – sometimes it sounds like co-dependence to me and I am determined to heal from my co-dependent-former-self. Yeah!

But what is the alternative?

No forgiveness, avoidance of kindness, no soothing words to the angry, no fixes for authentic mistakes…

What kind of a relationship would that be to live in?

So on those days when I cannot bring myself to embrace a loving attitude towards my husband, those days when I just cannot bring myself to pray, those days when everything that my husband is doing is making me nut up, I have the option of refering to the guidance of this beautiful prayer in The Power of a Praying Wife:

Lord, nothing in me wants to pray for this man. I confess my anger, hurt, unforgiveness, disappointment, resentment, and hardness of heart toward him. Forgive me and create in me a clean heart and right spirit before You. Give me a new, positive, joyful, loving, forgiving attitude toward him. Where he has erred, reveal it to him and convict his heart about it. Lead him throughthe paths of repentance and deliverance. Help me not to hold myself apart from him emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or physically because of unforgiveness. Where either of us needs to ask forgiveness of the other, help us to do so. If there is something that I am not seeing that is adding to the problem, reveal it to me and help me to understand it. Remove any wedge of confusion that has created misunderstanding or miscommunication. Where there is behavior that needs to change in either of us, I pray You would enable that change to happen. As much as I want to hang on to my anger toward him because I fel it is justified, I want to do what You want. I release all those feelings to You. Give me a renewed sense of love for him and words to heal this situation.


Want a list of things you can pray for your husband? See this post.

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  1. Amen sister! Thank you for sharing this powerful prayer – melanie

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