Posted by: JennyRain | March 9, 2010

Praying for your Wife

Calling all Husbands!

Want to make a real difference in your wife’s life? Pray scripture over her days for a month… My personal favorite is day 31.

A Month of Prayers for your Wife
by B r yc e B o u c h a r d
From Psalm 119

1. That she will learn the Word (119:7).
2. That she will hide the Word in her heart and not sin against God (119:11).
3. That she will declare the Word before others (119:13).
4. That she will meditate on the Word and learn the ways of God (119:15).
5. That she will delight in the Word and not neglect it (119:16).
6. That her eyes will be opened to see wonderful things in the Word (119:18).
7. That her soul will be consumed with a longing for the Word at all times (119:20).
8. That the Word will be her counsel in all things (119:24).
9. That when she is discouraged, the Word will be her life and strength and delight (119:25, 28, 143).
10. That the Lord will give her understanding and discernment of the Word (119:27).
11. That God will be gracious to her and keep her from deceitful ways through the Word (119:29).
12. That her heart will be turned to the Word and away from selfish gain and worthless things (119:36, 37).
13. That as she grasps the goodness of the Word, God will take away any dread or fear that may have a hold on her (119:39).
14. That she will trust in the Word, and use it to answer the enemy who taunts her (119:42).
15. That the Word of truth will not be snatched from her mouth (119:43).
16. That she will seek out the Word and find in it freedom for daily living (119:45).
17. That she will have opportunity to speak the Word to people of influence, and that she will do it boldly and without shame(119:46).
18. That her love and longing for the Word will grow, and that it will be sweeter and more valuable to her with each passing day (119:47, 72, 103, 131).
19. That the Word will come to her during times of trial and bring her comfort (119:52, 61, 83).
20. That she will be grieved when the Word is forsaken (119:53,136).
21. That the Word will be her song regardless of her outward surroundings (119:54).
22. That she will have friends who follow the Word (119:63).
23. That the LORD will do good to her according to His Word (119:65).
24. That she will learn knowledge and good judgment through the Word (119:66).
25. That she will meditate long and often on the Word, gleaning much insight from it (119:97, 99).
26. That she will stay far from evil paths so she can obey the Word (119:101).
27. That the Word will be a lamp to her feet and a light to her path, bringing her delight (119:105).
28. That she will stand in awe of the Word (119:120).
29. That the meaning of the Word will unfold to her, and that it will give her light and understanding (119:130).
30. That she will be convinced that the Word is righteous and fully trustworthy (119:138).
31. That when she strays, she will seek the Word and that it will woo and shepherd her back to God (119:176).

Ladies, to learn more about praying for your husbands, read my post from yesterday.

Excerpted from Pray! magazine issue 33
To subscribe to Pray!: 1-800-691-PRAY
To order more bookmark prayer guides: 1-800-366-7788  ISBN #1576839281




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