Posted by: JennyRain | March 3, 2010

Which Muppet Character are you?

We had a tradition in my Georgia small group.

The first night new people joined, Brett would ask, “Which Muppet Character are you?”

The first time he asked this question, I answered, “Big Bird.”

No comments please.

Our group had Big Bird, Bert, Kermit De Frog, Miss Piggy, Beeker and several others.

So in honor of my dear friends from my Georgia Small Group pictured above minus Ashley, Denise and Gordon, I present, Beeker singing Ode to Joy.




  1. where did you live in Georgia??? (i’m in Kennesaw right now…)

    and i have no idea what muppet character i would be.

    (is Big Bird even a muppet? well, if Sesame Street characters count, i’m going with Elmo!)

    • No way! Two of my friends just moved there 🙂 I was in Greensboro, GA down I20 – My folks are still there so I usually come back down every 6 months or so. One of my girlfriends still lives right in the ATL.

      Big bird = sesame street 🙂 I LOVE elmo! If I was a sesame street character right now – it would probably have to be cookie monster. nom nom nom… me love cookies!!!

  2. […] also was filled with office-laughter over yesterday’s blog about “Which Muppet Character are you?” as we daintily progressed through our staff list and questioned which wondered aloud over […]

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