Posted by: JennyRain | March 1, 2010

The Power of a Prayer

Does prayer work?

Today we are starting 31 days of intensive prayer at my church. It is an opportunity for our entire congregation to join together and ask God for specific requests.

It is exciting to me to see what happens when people join together corporately and pull back the curtains of heaven to access the Creator of the Universe.

Stuff here on earth gets done when people pray!

I also get excited when I see one person pray for something – and then things start happening.

This year, the day we ‘temporarily misplaced’ our pug Abby Grace, one of my sweet co-workers set her mind to praying for us.

She knew I was a blogger and loved to communicate through my writing, so she began to ask God specifically if He would use my blog to get the message of my lost doggie out.

God answered in a big way.

The two days surrounding my co-workers prayer to date remain the highest hit rates on my blog.

Not a higher hit rate by one or two pings, but by a landslide.

Take a look and let the stats speak…


This is the hit rate on my blog per week… The spike is the week my friend prayed. I went from an average of about 300 hits a week to 755 hits in a week.

 This is my favorite. It is the hit rate per day. The spike is the two day span (12/17-12/18) that covered when my friend was praying.

Again, by day, but you can see the significant spike on the day my friend started praying 🙂

And this is the table that shows the two days she was praying… you’ll note the difference in hits per day (from a low of 9 to a high of 95, but no where near the 252 count on the 17th)

And finally, the percent change during the time my friend prayed (That would be a 196% increase during the prayer week)

Do I know that stats can be read in any number of ways to get to the story you want to tell, yup.

Do I know that heaven does not typically work on a statistical schedule. Yes I do.

Do all of these statistics definitively prove that my friend’s prayer was heard and answered by heaven? Nope.

But it sure does give some convincing evidence of that fact!

More importantly however, it helps remind me daily that God hears even our most specific of prayers, He cares, and He answers.



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