Posted by: JennyRain | February 24, 2010

The School Your Child Goes To? It’s not what you think it is…

Lest you think you are sending your child to a Christian school, think again.

I am watching a good friend of mine fight a very broken Christian system.

A system in which all my friend wants to do in this “Christian” environment is to share their faith, but alas, they have been told in no uncertain terms that:

“This ‘Christian’ school is not a place to evangelize.”



Yes folks, you heard right.

That Christian school that you are sending your child to because of the exceptional Christian values they are teaching,  may in fact, be as secular as the public school next door.

My friend is beside themselves because – in this so-called Christian environment – they are restricted in their own Christian faith tradition.

It is too “Christian,” my friend is being told.

“It may offend kids at the school,” my friend was warned.

This is just not a place to evangelise,” was the latest comment.

Well, not a place to evangelise if you are Christian.

My friend understands the importance of creating a safe place for all students from all faith traditions.

That is the beauty of the intersection of education and religion.

My friend believes in allowing the expression of questions, seeking, wrestling, and freedom for any student – regardless of their faith tradition.

My friend understands the beauty of academic and theological discussion and debate. My friend believes that it is in this conversation that everyone learns. My friend is in support of this.

But what about the parents who sent their kids to this school believing that it was – in fact – what it professed to be – “Christian”? What about those families? What about those kids?

What about the kids who believe that the person instructing them in their religion class – that person who is knowingly ordained – may not believe in the bible that they are teaching to them?


Sold a bill of goods that this school was – in fact – Christian, my friend in good faith signed on to teach there.

Little did my friend know how soon anything remotely resembling Christianity would be axed from the syllabi.

I wonder how this happened? The removal of Christ from the essence of this “Christian” school.

I wonder why it happened? Did the kids ask for it?

I wonder how long the school will continue to call themselves “Christian” in light of their embarrasment of anything resembling Jesus Christ?

Should we remove Jesus from Christmas celebrations? Maybe we should take God out of the Exodus? Shall we take out the epistles because Paul refers way too often to God, Jesus, and Christians?

When did the leadership of this school become so ashamed of God that they began forgetting all that He has done for humanity – and for them specifically – through His death and resurrection?

Do they understand that they are rejecting the very heart of the Father who loves and cares for them?

But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven… Matthew 10:33

Pray for this school y’all…

Pray mostly for the kids who are seeing ordained representatives refusing to respect the Cross that they have been ordained under.

For they exchanged the truth of God for a lie, and worshiped and served the creature rather than the Creator…Romans 1:25

Readers: Out of respect for those of you who know my friend and the school they teach at, I will not be approving any comments for this post… but you can share it below using the “Share” button.



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