Posted by: JennyRain | February 9, 2010

stop talking…Stop Talking… STOP TALKING!!!

I realized this morning that my ears were tired.

Or maybe it was my heart – I’m not sure. I just know I woke up a bit despondent this morning.

I have spent a lot of my life listening.

Listening to my family work through its issues growing up (like all families do), listening to friends share what is going on in their lives. Listening to life around me so that I could understand it better. Just listening.

Listening is something I like to do because I am innately curious about what makes people tick. Listening is also a gift you can give to those who are hurting and just need to talk.

The metropolitan area I live in does not have many listeners.

People exist here in a frenetic race to get ahead. It’s an amazing city, full of history and promise, but it can be a bit of a rat race sometimes.

Thinking I would escape it all, I entered into ministry, but I’ve found that the heartbeat of a city becomes the pulse of everything around it. Even churches here are not immune to this town’s insatiable striving.

It takes intentionality to slow down, exit the freeway of life, and tune your ears to listen. But most, it takes effort and heart.

As a result, most people here are starved for listeners.

I try to be a listener.

As a result, I am often over-talked.

The amount of words that can come at me in a single week at times is overwhelming.

The more words come at me – the more I feel myself shrinking into oblivion, fighting to escape from the flurry of adjectives and verbs threatening to encompass my existence.

At times, it can be overwhelming.

It has been one of those over-worded weeks.

This morning, the words just seemed to crash down upon me.

So as usual, I went to share some of it with my husband, but he didn’t catch that I was over-worded, so he just added more words. Not his fault – he tried as he always does, it is just that he is a verbal processor, so he added more words to the already overwhelming stream of words flowing through my brain.

I had nowhere to go with all of the talking in my brain.

So I sat in my chair upstairs and stared out the window waiting for it to snow.

The longer I sat, the worse the talking in my brain became. I had a friend who once said, “I know that I will never be lonely – I have all of these voices in my head to keep me company.”

That’s what I felt like this morning.

Then I thought about my devotional time recently. I realized that I charged into it with a bunch of requests, demands – if you will – of God’s time, His ear, and His full attention.

I assumed He would just listen. I assumed that God did not have any desire to ease into the conversation or spend time just being with me. I assumed that I could give Him my laundry list of complaints, needs, desires, and hopes and that He would deliver.

I wonder if God ever wishes we would stop talking?

I wonder if He ever gets overwhelmed by the amount of words that He has to filter through in a day? I wonder if I’ve taken enough time lately to listen to Him as I try to listen to those around me…




  1. JS—-Good stuff, that’s why I’m appreciative of this Divinely imposed slow down of the East Coast. It’s causing people to HUSH (stop yapping) and LISTEN…Psa 37:7 and Psa 46:10

    Keep it coming!

  2. But how? I spend a lot of time just sitting in God’s presence, and reading His word… and I know He speaks to me through His word, but how do you listen to God otherwise? How does He speak to you? I never get a voice, I don’t know how to do it.. I guess I’m just desperate to hear Him.

  3. Alicia…I struggle too to know how to hear God… if I am hearing correctly…what is God vs. me… I – with you – rely a lot on God’s word to hear what He is saying. Other times, I get an impression, a sense – typically for a certain scripture… other times God will bring back to remembrance something from His word and it will send me on a search to find out the context for it… I love it when God speaks like that – through His word – it is so beautiful. Sometimes it is just a sense I get from Him – reassuring me, helping me to sense His presence…other times God will share His encouragement and comfort through His people as I spend time in community

    And a lot of times, I, like you, just feel desperate to hear Him…

  4. Hi Jenny. I loved reading your post. Yes, I realize there are times God wants me to stop talking but instead to praise, to thanks give and to reflect in silence on HIS GOODNESS AND FAITHFULNESS.

    Blessings to you,


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