Posted by: JennyRain | January 20, 2010

It’s Noon Already? Neglecting to place first things first

Where has the morning gone?

I’ve really been struggling to find a center of gravity for my morning devotional times. They have been escaping my grasp far too early in the day and before I realize how much time has gone by, it is 3pm and I am too fatigued to focus on anything Spiritual in nature.

Thinking yesterday that my motivation would perhaps come from an organized reading plan, I intended to research a Bible-in-a-year method that a friend of mine was doing. I never did it.

So I entered my time this morning with good intentions, but no plan of attack for getting back on track with my morning devotionals and bible reading.

Opening my new journal I listened to the crack-snap of the binding and smelled the freshness of the crisply pressed paper and something in my brain click-clacked into place.

I put pen to paper and this is what I wrote…

Lord, today I commit myself to returning to Your word and Your Presence daily. May Your Holy Spirit empower and enable me to do this one day at a time (Jeremiah 15:16)

Today I commit to submission and humility – FIRST to you. Help my willingness Lord – I most definitely cannot do this on my own strength (Matthew 6:33)

Today I commit to being a support to those around me who are fighting spiritual apathy and complacency. I confess to fighting these evils myself.

Today I commit to watching the words of my mouth (Psalm 39.1) and the thoughts of my heart (Psalm 19.14)

Just today. Tomorrow will worry about itself (Matthew 6:34).

Today I commit to seeking you whole-heartedly. Help me to come to Your throne of Grace with an undivided love and spirit (Psalm 86:11; Jeremiah 29:13)

Today I commit to nourishing my gifts and practicing my skills and God-given talents (Matthew 25:14-30)

Today I commit to being a blessing and an air of encouragement to those in my circle of influence (1 Thessalonians 5:11)

Today I commit to finding rest and joy as I rely on your Grace to empower and embolden me (Matthew 11:28-30)

Today I commit to loving You, loving self, and loving others (Matthew 22:34-50)

Just today. Help me Lord to be the person that You want me to be. Just today.

Today I commit to releasing my doubts and fears to You Almighty God (Isaiah 41.10)

Today I commit to rest and stillness of knowing (Psalm 46.10)

Today I commit to loving Your word and studying it (Psalm 119.11)

Thank you Father for today. It is the day that You have made. Today I will choose to rejoice in all that You have created. (Psalm 118.24; Nehemiah 8.10)

Following my journaling, I began Jeremiah and had the sense that this is where I should continue my daily bible reading. I can’t wait to see where this all leads.



  1. Jenny, I love this posting. So honest, tender, so full of yearning for the Love of God. Your emphasis on TODAY strikes me as spiritually compelling. “Give us this day, our daily bread,” as our Lord taught us to pray. If we made commitments each and every day– or several times daily, as need be– we would increase our chances of keeping focus.

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