Posted by: JennyRain | January 19, 2010

Painting the Bathroom Blue

So I painted my bathroom Carolina Blue on Sunday.

I got the painting bug on Saturday around noon, but homework precluded me from acting on it until Sunday.

Carolina blue

Marriage Lesson #1: If you are creatively inspired to make home decorating changes, tell your husband first.

So I happily rushed through my homework on Sunday, devised my paint-pick-up-plan and proceeded to pretty up my walls Sunday afternoon while John was at his soccer game.

I was in paint heaven – or the fumes had just affected my seratonin levels – finally feeling like I had made my mark on our house and excited that at least one of the rooms would have something resembling my identity in it.

Actually I should probably point out that John has been quite gracious and has worked hard to make the furniture and paintings resemble our co-nesting efforts. But for me – without warm paint colors – the room is lacking something. Painting is like my creative expression. My homing-art, my nesting-instinct.

So, getting back to my painting afternoon…

Around 4:00 John walked in the house. I was two-and-a-half walls blued by this point (the walls were blue, not me).

Did I mention I had not shared my inspiration with my husband – or the timing of my painting-party?

Marriage Lesson #3: Do not start painting the walls of your home while your husband is at soccer.

By the time John reached the top of the stairs – in silence (by this time he could smell the paint) – I realized I had not really let him in on my little plan.

I guess I thought I had, I mean, I have had blue paint chips up in our bedroom, bathroom, and in my study for the last, oh, six months. But either John had not seen said paint chips, or he had not connected that paint chips on the walls = eventual painting activity.


Marriage Lesson #4: Do not assume that if you hang paint samples on the wall that your husband will assume that you will be painting one day.

Needless to say, My husband was not too happy with his Monkee (that’s me).

What was that famous movie line?

“What we have here is a failure to communicate!”

John eventually came around and agrees that the bathroom is pretty, but he was quite concerned for the remainder of the evening that he would leave for a soccer match and would come home to “the house painted in clown colors.”

Now, I do not believe my Carolina Blue was a clown color. I mean – Carolina is my husband’s alma-mater – so in reality, me painting the bathroom Carolina Blue is a celebration of his school!

I know… I know…. that argument did not fly with my husband either, but it was worth a try, right?

So, I now have a blue bathroom, and my husband has made it through his angst and fear that the next time he leaves the house he will come home to a red living-room or a purple bedroom.

Marriage Lesson #5: Guys just want to be involved in what we girls do to “pretty” up a place. Even if we have Pottery Barn taste or a degree in design, they still want to be involved.

So I’ve learned a few things.

The next room is my study… I’m thinking a greyish-green color, or perhaps just a muted-green or powder-maize. See, I have this hideous gray burber carpet in that room that I have to decorate around so I am trying to find just the right color and…

Well anyway sweetie, I know you’ll read this tomorrow, so the next room is my study? Ok? I have the paint chips on the wall 🙂 I’ll let you know when the painting bug strikes again, kay? We can pick the color together maybe? okay?




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