Posted by: JennyRain | January 10, 2010

Ancient Future: The Universal Applicability of the Bible

The Bible is irrelevant, outdated, and really not applicable to every-day life in this century.

I used to believe that too. When I would see tele-money-angelist-preachers holding up this archaic document while asking for loads of money, I questioned the veracity and power of this sacred document and ancient faith which they believed in.

I mean, if the people in this document they believed in was so powerful, and the God of this Bible was so worth putting faith in, why didn’t it appear to be working for their accounting systems?

Then I became a follower of Christ and everything changed.

Well, not really. My story is not tied up in a pretty little package like that. I became a follower of Christ, but my feelings about the Word of God – the Bible – had not yet changed.

I knew that I loved God, but I had a lot of questions and doubts about this book He left behind.

People would tell me how God spoke to them through the Bible. I saw families making life-altering decisions because of a “Word” God had given them in scripture. Entire denominational systems sprung up over a few differently interpreted lines in the Bible. Couples got back together, children were healed from addiction, communities were revolutionized… all because of some crazy words on ancient paper.

For me the Bible was just a book, and I had a lot of doubts that it could become anything more than just a book.

So my doubt drove me to start digging in and getting to know this Word from God.

The Bible showed me men and women who were a lot like me. People who struggled and made mistakes. Families that found victory and defeat. I saw people with a range of emotions from anger to passivity, from depression to joy. I read about amazing warriors who defeated entire armies with only 300 men and widows who gave everything they had to help a church grow.

There was nothing and no one too large or too small to be covered in this book.

I began asking, “If all of these different people have been covered in this sacred text, surely there are situations, people, and events from the Bible that can teach me to live my life more effectively now.”

The more I read, the more I related to these people of old and the more applicable the stories became to me. The farther I researched, the more situations I found that resembled my own. Modernize a few names and you have my family covered in a couple of chapters!

Teachers and mentors brought the Word of God to life for me.

They demonstrated the real and practical ways that God had impacted their life trajectories through His word. They did not always answer my questions, rather, their lives demonstrated that the stuff in this book worked.

I began to discover that a lot of my doubt came from “second source” information and perhaps I did not have the whole story.

Scholars and academians had written that the Bible was this or that. The History Channel taught me the historical aspect of this text, but not the spiritual. CBS Nightly news snippets gave me sporadic archaeological facts about Biblical artifacts or towns.  

People had told me a lot of Bible “facts.” I realized that the majority of the books I read were about the bible but not the Bible itself. Teachers had presented the bible as literature rather than as a potential handbook for life.

Most of my studies circled around the Bible but I never bothered to crack the Bible itself.

Twenty-seven years of second-source knowledge shoved in one’s brain takes a while to unpack.

It was not more knowledge I needed, it was a revelatory experience of the power of God working through His word in a practical, life-changing way.

And that is what God did…

Tune in tomorrow for the rest of the story! (or just click the blue link to the left 🙂 )



Hey – do you have questions about the veracity and applicability of the Bible too? I recommend the following messages – they were really helpful in my research…

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  1. Interesting post.

    I can appreciate you excavating scripture a little more for a better understanding–albeit, literalizing allegory can be dangerous when we forgo a trained eye.

    Even though I am an agnostic atheist, I still read the bible based on its correlation with the historicity of antiquated beliefs.

    The bible discloses its evolution rather than its uniqueness.

    Nice piece.

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