Posted by: JennyRain | January 4, 2010

I wonder if He smiled?

God smiled the day you were born.

Max Lucado and other writers blessed with the gift of encouragement have made this claim. I have often wondered, did God really smile?

I mean, can God physically smile? I know that God can experience joy and a host of other emotions, but does God actually smile?

It is fascinating for me to think about God smiling, just because we were born. Or that He smiled just because we created something that delighted Him. Or that He smiles when we achieve a goal, or attempt something new, or that He smiled just because He created us and we are doing something we are designed to do (Genesis 1:31).

The fact that God takes a moment to smile is breathtaking.

In order to smile at something, first you have to notice it.

In order to notice something, you must stop long enough to pay attention and engage your senses and emotions through observation.

Whatever has engaged you has to affect you – in order to create a response like a smile from you.

That means,

God notices us.
God stops to pay attention to us.
God allows Himself to engage with us.
God is affected by our actions.
God responds to us by smiling.

 I love to visualize God smiling.

It is staggering. Just as we are enchanted by the giggles of a young child, so God becomes enthralled by each of us (Psalm 17:8, Deuteronomy 32:10, Isaiah 62:4, Psalm 45.11)

Then He engages in our joy and celebrates it by smiling.

Ahhhh… what a reassuring concept.

Now, I’m not giving some theological treatise or belief statement on God + feelings = God can change… the scriptures teach otherwise (James 1:17). I am not saying God’s range of emotions are like a human’s… God is not like you.

What I am pondering is this… if God can truly smile at us, then that means He is engaged and delighted by us.

The idea that the Creator of the universe might be impacted by me leaves  me breathless. What a beautiful expression of a love relationship between the Creator and the created.

I remember…

The first time the concept of God smiling at me entered my conscious awareness…

…it was a Saturday afternoon in April… one of the first days of spring in Virginia. The blossoms on the trees were bursting into bloom and their fresh, sweet aroma wafted thirteen floors up through my apartment windows.

The bird-song-melody was a mix of trills and flutters as the flock began returning home from the long winter.

I had just finished the laundry and for once actually folded it up and put it in my drawers. The spring air infected my senses and I found myself dancing giddily around the freshly vacuumed bedroom floor.

Dancing turned into spinning and then loopiness, and soon I found myself giggling and bobbing-bouncily all through the house. Bobbing soon turned into flap-armed-rip-running throughout my apartment (think Phoebe in Friends) which persisted for about forty-five seconds.

It was at this juncture I regained enlightenment. Though I also had a sense of being observed.

Now, I am ten floors up in an apartment complex, so it is impossible to see in my windows from the road or neighboring villas without a telescope.

But I knew I was being watched. I knew that the One watching was smiling. A smile that curved so broadly across His lips that it was at risk of developing into a throw-your-head-back-shaking-belly-laugh.

At that moment I knew God was there, with me, smiling, laughing… present. It was as salient a moment as if a good friend were in the room with me.

At that moment, I “saw” God smile.

It was the most beautiful smile I had ever experienced.




  1. Beautiful (and breathtaking) post. Thank you for making ME smile.

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