Posted by: JennyRain | January 3, 2010

First Day Back: What do the Signs Say?

For many of us in the work-world – today is our first day back to work after the holiday break.

Now, I know, I know, several of you have been slaving away at your desks all through holiday break, nary a whisper of a second to rest. But for the rest of us on our first day back of a brand-new year, let’s take a brief moment to do a pulse-check.

1 – How are you feeling at this precise moment? Excited to be back or still day-dreaming about the holidays?

2 – How many of the problems from last year are still floating around in your in-box?

3 – How many of the problems have resolved themselves on their own?

4 – Are you drinking Starbucks coffee right now or has it been removed from your diet/budget?

5 – As you look back on your last year of work, have you gotten closer to, or farther away from the goals that you set for yourself at the beginning of the year?

The first 4 questions are just for your personal reflection.

Question number 5, for those of you who are still reading, might offer some tangible ideas on how you can give yourself a boost in the right direction this year…

When starting a new year, I am often baffled at where to go next. Do I begin by finishing last year’s tasks, or do I start a new path? What indicators are available to help guide me into a productive direction?

This January – in celebration of the many road trips we have taken in the last few days, I thought I’d practice using my road signs to help guide me to my destination this year… maybe they can help you too!


You were running a good race, who, or what, cut in on you and turned you around? Whatever it is, you have made a U-turn in your journey.

If you were traveling the wrong way, this could be a positive change. But if you were traveling on a road that was helping you reach your goals, you are now moving farther away from them.


You have a choice to make. It is at the crossroads that expert advice and coaching is most helpful. At the crossroads, seek out direction from a person that you trust and who is where you want to be in order to choose a direction that will move you closer to your goals. Find other people doing what you want to do and follow them!


You have started along a path that will distract you from your goals. You may eventually reach them, but it will take you much longer. Find a way to get back to the path you were on.

Wrong way

More critical than a U-turn or a detour, if you have started to journey along this path, it will lead you away from the goals you have set. A choice to transgress a wrong-way sign can have irreparable consequences.

Slippery Road Ahead or Dip

These are often unknowns. Slippery paths and dips can occasionally be maneuvered, but require great caution and skill.

Traveling with abandon down roads with one of these signs can land you in an oversized pothole or a ditch on the side of the road. Wherever possible, avoid slippery roads or paths with dips, but if you must travel them, do so with extreme caution.

Here are some other road signs that may be helpful in the new year to you…

What road signs are helping guide you on your first day back to work?



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