Posted by: JennyRain | December 18, 2009

We found our Pug!

I am humbled by the outpouring of support John and I received as we searched for our sweet little pug today.

We have found our sweet little girl and both puglets are safe at home!

Many of you prayed, offer words of encouragement, forwarded emails and my blog, provided resources and tools to facilitate a better search, helped us search, weeped with us, and provided a network of support that was absolutely incredible.

Many of you we will never meet, though you forwarded the email for us or contacted people who could help. Thank you, though we do not know your names, we are so grateful to each of you. To reassure you dog-lovers out there… our pugs will both be micro-chipped (tattoed, lo-jacked, collared, you name it – on December 28th – we already have the vet appointment!)

In an effort to provide a useful service to others who have experienced the loss of a dog, John and I have decided to compile a list of resources.

Please feel free to add to our list of resources to the list through our comments feature below.

Personal Thank yous…

  • First and foremost, thank you to Gayle and Jay who brought our little Puggie in and allowed her to stay inside (rather than in the cold) all day. You two are amazing! Your generosity (without accepting the reward!) was so very humbling to John and I – we are so grateful…whoever says neighbors in NOVA are unkind have never been in my neighborhood!
  • Thank you to my family and friends who prayed and cried (thanks mom and dad), came over and searched with us all day (U rock Dencil!), to my amazing boss and his wife who prayed – got their family praying and walked with us in support as we journeyed through this tough time (Thanks Miss Tricia and Bill). Thank you to Stacy, John’s boss, who offered us support and covered his classes so he could help search.
  • Thank you Amanda F for your specific prayer (that was answered!) and for stepping in for me today at work! For AnnieLaurie for your blog repost and for all of my buddies who reposted the link on your Facebook – y’all ROCK!
  • Thank you to my dear friend Amanda Q and the Paisano’s family – posting flyers and being on the lookout in the neighborhoods was invaluable to us. There is truly no better pizza than Paisano’s!

Though these reources will also be in the form of thank you’s – we hope they are also helpful in finding a lost pet

  • Thank you to WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, Craigs List and Addtoany for providing an electronic search engine that canvassed a far-wider net than John and I could have done without it.
  • Thank you to the kids of our local elementary school who jumped in immediately to start searching (and were overjoyed to help!) and the teachers/leaders who helped too.
  • Thank you to the pug meetup groups who reposted our emails and contacted us to let us know that your prayers were with us
  • Thank you to everyone at Mid Atlantic Pug Rescue who jumped in to assist – Lord willing – I am an angel for life!
  • Thank you to Amber Pet Alert (yes they exist and are FAST and have solid references – it is not a scam!) who created a very easy pet searching tool.
  • Thank you to Pet Harbor and the great system Fairfax County has for finding dogs and the great people including Rick, the animal control officer. Lisa at the FFX county animal shelter, and officer Turchan from the city of Fairfax animal shelter… you all made this very difficult event much easier with your compassion and kindness (also see and for a more comprehensive list)
  • I love living in Herndon – thank you Town of Herndon Police – specifically Sheridan for your kind assistance and direction
  • Thank you Lindsay at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington and HART for calling back to take a report even though there was nothing you could do immediately.
  • Thank you to Laura Todis – a local PetTracker who was willing to drive from Baltimore after her afternoon search to help us with an evening one. You are amazing!
  • Thank you to our local businesses who posted flyers: Kohl’s, , Sunoco, 7-11, CVS, Bloom, Giant.
  • Thank you Staples for giving us the idea to print on hot pink paper which was highly visible from the road! I only wish we would have done poster size print instead of 9.5×11!
  • Thank you to Daphne who gave invaluable resources, took the time to schedule a time to call back, and was ready to round up the volunteer troupes to help us search! Awol Dogs – when it launches – is going to be stupendous!
  • John and I are saving our hot pink flyers and plastic page protectors. We have approximately 500 pink + white pages, and 200 page protectors. Should any of you find yourself in a missing dog situation – contact us. We will donate our paper and page protector stash to you (you can turn the pages over to copy a flyer on the opposite side and it will save you money). We will also share our flyer with you so you can get some ideas for yours.

The calls and support we received across email from people in the dog-community and also from our neighbors is what touched us the most. One family called us when their kids (who had just received a new dog) ran home to tell them we had lost our dog. They wanted mom and dad to call us to “make sure we found the dog and make sure we were alright.” It was so kind! Neighbors all over were willing to canvas with us just to make sure we could take our sweet puglet home with us tonight.

And thank you to my hubby who consoled, cried, and canvassed with me all day. You have officially earned yourself a new ringtone though <grin> …

Thank you everyone… we are so very blessed and thankful to have our little one back with us. We pray that during this Christmas Season you each experience the joy, peace, love and Grace that is so much a part of the celebration… and that all of the kindness that you have shown to us is returned to you in abundance!

A generous one will prosper and he who refreshes others will himself be refreshed…Proverbs 11:25




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