Posted by: JennyRain | December 17, 2009

We Lost our PUG!

UPDATE: 12/17/09: 8pm: We have found her!



  1. […] December 17, 2009 by AnnieLaurie My dear friend Jenny lost her little black pug this morning in Herndon VA.  If you live in the area or have any contacts there please forward this on to them to be on the lookout.  She is a TINY little girl and is very active.  She wiggled out of her leash and harness this morning and took off.  She has only lived in this area since Spring and Jenny fears she got disoriented and is hiding and scared somewhere.  So if you can help in anyway please contact Jenny.  Below is info from her website […]

  2. Praying Lilly Pug comes home, Jenny!

  3. […] We found our Pug! I am humbled by the outpouring of support John and I received as we searched for our sweet little pug today. […]

  4. I do not live in VA, but I saw your photos of Shabby. I’m so happy that you found her. I have two pugs, one black and one fawn. I love them both dearly and they have given me so much joy. Hug that pug for all of us who are glad that you are reunited.

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