Posted by: JennyRain | December 7, 2009

Pugtails and Snow-Falls

What happens when you cross four inches of snow with fifteen inches of pug?

Hello world, its your favorite two pugs again… Lily and Abby Grace with our latest pupdate from the Northland.

This weekend was our first snow in Virginia! It was quite different than the Georgia snow we experienced because this Northern snow actually piled up so much that it was as tall as we are!

Our neighborhood was covered!

So when it was time to take us out for a walk, look at what mom and dad made us wear!

Can you believe it?

Oh well, we sure stayed warm, all except our little tootsies (do you think they make pug boots too?) I think mom was a little unaccustomed to the snow… she was walking slower than we were across the ice and she was bundled up like an eskimo (even when it turned 40 degrees on Sunday). But I think mom liked playing in the snow as much as we did and she sure was excited to see the fluffy white snow again after five years in the Southlands of Georgia!

We sure have had a lot of adventures since arriving here in May!

We’ve played in the snow, been introduced to the beach, and enjoyed our new surroundings immensely.

Watch our video below for more PugTails from 2009!

Lily and Abby Grace



  1. Awe, those dogs look so sweet.

  2. so cute…i love puppies!

  3. Okay loving your puppies. Wanna meet you and them. I think my dogs would adore them too. Zeus would love you the minute you walked in the door.

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