Posted by: JennyRain | November 28, 2009

And the winner is…To Mac

Yesterday, I became the proud owner of a MacBook Pro.

Well, technically, I am still a Toshiba girl until my MacBook Pro arrives, but you get the idea.

My favorite part about the experience? Definitely not the twenty-five minute hold time on the phone attempting to get my MacBook purchased, or the three call attempts to get the purchased finalized.

But then, I did make the purchase on Black Friday, so some of that is probably situationally determined.

No, my favorite part of the exchange was the chat assistance I received from Elena V.

If anyone could ever sell a computer, it was Elena. She was appropriately ecstatic that I was making the switch from PC to Mac and encouraged me through comments such as,

“We are so excited that you are considering becoming a part of the Mac family!”

Who knew? A family?

When I told Elena V I was a student, she promptly researched the most inexpensive options for me to purchase FinalCut studio (which is btw – FinalCut Express Academic – not in the budget for this Christmas, but you can bet I have it bookmarked!)

Elena V reassured me that I did not necessarily need virus protection because the Mac OS had it built in, thus saving me money.  

But the best part of my chat with Elena V?

When I asked Elena V if she would receive commission on my purchase she said the following,

“Nope I do not. However, upon your purchase I do receive a herd of DANCING PINK ELEPHANTS!”

That did it. I could not bear to think of Elena V’s Christmas without the opportunity to receive dancing pink elephants, so I purchased immediately!

Who knew Customer Service could be such fun! Especially on Black Friday.

So I am a Mac girl now. And to celebrate the fun of the Mac world, I have included some Mac-Christmas ads below!




  1. Yes, welcome to the family of us mac users! As they say, “Once you go Mac, you’ll never go back.” Seriously, I will never again buy another PC. What a difference a great computer makes.

  2. oooooh congrats! i can’t wait to join your family!

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