Posted by: JennyRain | November 27, 2009

To Mac or not to Mac: Apple vs. PC

I am debating on whether to enter the world of Macintosh, or remain a Toshiba girl.

The last ten years I have been a Toshiba fanatic. I am on my second Toshiba laptop and both have been very faithful companions through years of seminary, telecommuting, and of course – blogging.


There is something about history contained between the folds of aluminum and plastic that gives a girl some comfort.
My Toshiba could tell you a story or two about where I have come from and probably even where I am going.


I purchased my first Toshiba Sattelite in the days before wireless.  

When wireless stormed the nation, in order to make it work on my computer, I had to plug in a LinkSys wireless card.

So I ended up with a 9lb, 17″, blue notebook, and about the equivalent poundage in books being toted around on my back. I was pooped at the end of the day, but my trustee laptop remained faithful! When my first Toshiba decided to slow down due to old age, it was a no-brainer for me – buy another one.

I have been faithful to PC’s since before the invention of Windows. Well, before Microsoft “invented” Windows, or should I say, before Microsoft borrowed it from Apple.

See, back in the day, it was Apple who cornered the market on creative genius.

Unfortunately,  because Macintosh’s marketing department was not quite saavy enough to believe the workplace would ever use personal computers regularly – IBM gained the Lion’s share of the market in the corporate world, and Apple found itself stuck on the shelf for a decade.

Hence, why I have a natural affinity towards PC’s and why Mac’s still feel a bit like an anomaly to me.

Yet here we are ten years later and Apple continues to shine. It is – by far – the more creative of the dueling duo. They have built a durable platform that is much more immune to virus attacks. Their graphic support is lightyears above the PC. And their marketing is way cooler than Microsoft.

But the best part about Apple?

CTRL+ALT+DEL is not the answer to every troubleshooting issue!

So Toshiba I have loved you for years, but I believe is time I bid you adieu.

I’m ready to launch into the world of MacBook Pro’s, excited to see their capability, flexibility, and sustainability.

I look forward to the days when I can create fantastic multi-media video programs without my computer locking up no matter the memory, software, or graphics cards I install.

You have served me well Toshiba, and I will still recommend you as my “fave” designer for all things PC-laptop related, but I am switching camps.

Until we meet again….


p.s. for the tech geeks out there – yes I realized I have mixed operating systems, platforms, brands, and a host of other technologies – all of which affect performance, but give me some leeway – I’m a blogger – not an IT specialist 🙂



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