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It Can Happen to Anyone: Michele Ruth Jones

Guest Blogger, Michele Ruth Jones

Founder of the Time To Fly Foundation and author of Your Call To Freedom! An Interactive Guidebook with Bible Based Tools To Heal From Abusive Relationships

Is Healing Available After Abuse?

Michele is the Founder and President of the Time To Fly Foundation (TTF) TTF launched in 2001, a faith based grass roots organization charged to help women and children overcome the devastation of domestic abuse, break the generational cycle of violence and strengthen the family unit with the unconditional love and truths of Jesus Christ. This domestic abuse prevention and intervention program is provided free of charge to participants. Expenses are supported by individuals, small businesses, corporate matching gifts, grants and endowments

After twenty years as a professional in Corporate America, she retired to devote efforts to the vision and development of Time To Fly Foundation.

While volunteering at domestic violence shelters Ms. Jones realized two areas of need women still face.

During your stay in shelters, external wounds heal; yet the inflicted “unseen” wounds of emotional damage, broken spirits and heart can last a life-time unless they are appropriately addressed.

Having personally experienced the effects of marital abuse; she triumphantly received healing, hope and restoration through the love and transforming power of Jesus Christ. As Isaiah 61:1 declares, TTF is sent to heal the broken hearted, proclaim freedom to the captives and release God’s people from the deception of darkness.


Addressing The Wounds of The Broken Spirit

“But the Lord said to Samuel, Look not on his appearance or at the height of his stature, for I have rejected him. For the Lord sees not as man sees; for man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.”   I Samuel 16:7

Part of the charge of TTF mission is educating the public and the church on the various forms of abuse and its spiritual dynamics. They include verbal, emotional psychological, sexual and physical.

Abuse and family violence impacts women from every socio-economic demographic, ethnicity and educational level.

Due to limited space and funding shelters are primarily equipped to customarily aid woman who endure physical abuse. What happens to the other 25% of women who endure verbal, emotional and psychological abuse?

Sadly, they suffer in silence as the internal devastation deepens; yet they have no “proof” to offer.

In reality, each of these women is the “walking wounded” of our time. Some of the wounds and manifestations include: shame, guilt, condemnation, anger, low self esteem, self destructive patterns of choice, bulimia, emotional eating, and fear of the unknown. Some of the societal costs include- increased medical or psychological care, reduced work productivity, low morale and absenteeism.  

In a supportive, non-judgmental/caring environment, the TTF program offers restoration to the three dimensions of a woman’s life:

her spirit,

her soul and

her body.

Our goal is giving the participant tools to become self-sufficient and a productive member of society.

TTF presently serves those in the Washington DC Metro Area using a holistic approach of both spiritual and practical life skills training.

The TTF Approach…Are you Ready To Step Into The Light?

Understanding the unique dynamics of abuse…

TTF offers a three-step approach for the prospective participant.

Step 1: You are first invited to visit the website for an overview of the mission and to determine if it’s what you are truly seeking.

Step 2: You are then invited to reserve a seat in one of the free Introductory Workshops- “Rebuilding Her City Walls!”

Step 3: Upon completion of the workshop the participant is invited to apply for the extensive 9 week/ 40 hour course- “Discover The True You!”

Statistics show 80% of the women that attend the workshop are ready to go forward, while the remainder are not sure if they want to explore the next step or invest the time. In the past eight years 99% of the women participating in the course successfully complete it!

For participants to complete the 9-week course, our team has faithfully watched God “move mountains” just for them! We’ve witnessed demanding work schedules rearranged, seen babies delivery dates changed, free transportation surfaced, childcare needs met and physical/ emotional limitations overcome as women endeavored to trust God despite their external conditions.

One participant shared she was terrified with night blindness and fear of getting lost at night, yet after she applied she stated “ I’ve tried everything else and it hasn’t worked and I have no more money for counseling. God you’ve got to help me make it to those night sessions.” Well, 9 weeks later that same woman successfully completed the course and discovered a new strength and relationship with Christ that was unknown to her months ago!

Our Aftercare program provides ongoing encouragement, accountability and fellowship to program graduates. Over 80% of TTF graduates inquire to become trained volunteers in various areas within the organization.

Obedience Is Better Than Sacrifice


TTF President and volunteers 2008 recipients of Domestic Violence Awareness Proclamation by Fairfax County Board of Supervisors

The past eight years has truly been a walk of faith in stepping “out of the boat” from the “security” of the corporate world to trusting God with the vision that He placed in my heart of Time To Fly Foundation. My passion is to inspire someone else to step out of boat, take the Master’s hand and watch what He will do through (and many times despite) you!

In the eight years I’ve cried out, prayed endless hours, lost count journaling, and sought God for confirmation, direction, and provision for the weight of the work. Each time He has graciously and abundantly come through.

God has given us the plan, brought others alongside of me, continues to send women and children, continues to raise up volunteers each year and continues to give us favor.

The proven work of TTF has been recognized by the White House, Department of Justice, County governments and women’s centers. 

Honestly when I lay my head down at night, I cry tears of joy thanking God for encouraging me to trust Him! These days are more rewarding than signing my largest corporate contract—the eternal reward of knowing His work has SAVED a life both physically and most of all spiritually.

As Mary said – “whatever He tells you to do—do it!” All I can say is you will be blessed, your life more enriched than you can ever imagine and in the process you WILL get to know Him—The Faithful One- more!

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10

Prayer Requests

• We are seeking God’s provision to replicate the program to meet the countless requests from other counties, cities and states. Our desire is to train and equip in more venues. Your support helps set the captives free!

• We are in search of grant writers and interns for our outreach programs. If you are interested, please contact us.

Contact Information

For more information on TTF please visit for workshop schedules, volunteer opportunities and sponsorship of a session.




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