Posted by: JennyRain | November 12, 2009

Marketing for the Clueless (Like me!) and TwitterIn


What does your “advertising” tell people about your product?

I love this advertisement because it works for me. It is effective for me because I am able to quickly arrive at the following…

(1) Brand identity:

This is an advertisement letting users know that soon Twitter and LinkedIn will be able to interact with each other. That means, if you have a Twitter account and a LinkedIn account – both accounts can talk to each other.

Both brands are now served “together,” so to speak. Rather like peas and carrots. Or chocolate and peanut butter candy (think Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups <um mmmm nom nom nom nom>)

(2) Brand Texture:

This advertisement makes me hungry. Just thinking about peanut butter alone makes me want to have a peanut butter sandwich. Add a little chocolate to that peanut butter and I’m happy and full!

I tend to return to peanut butter and chocolate because I know they will satisfy my hunger.  I will get my hunger needs met.

Additionally, when I see anything that contains peanut butter or chocolate, I’ll take a second look because both have become “staples” in my diet. I know that I like both products. This advertisement caused me to seek out more about the TwitterIn product!

By Twitter and LinkedIn combining their logos with food that I like, they have added texture and visibility to their product. Whenever I see peanut butter or chocolate now, invariably I will also be thinking of Twitter and LinkedIn. Ingenious!

(3) Brand integrity:

I know that Twitter is what it says it is and that it does what it says it will do (help keep you connected in real time to your network – at least 99% of the time). I know that LinkedIn is true to its branding because it has helped me “Link In” to many of my co-workers, former collegues, and classmates.  

There is an automatically-established level of trust I have when I see the Twitter or LinkedIn logos because they have already earned it. They do not have to “re-earn” my trust because I know that when I see either of these brand logos, what they say about themselves and who they are will jive. I do not have to wonder.

As Followers of Christ, what is our “Branding” telling others about our “Product”?

(1) Who are we? (Brand Identity)

Do we really know who we are as followers of Christ? Because if we do not brand ourselves – we will be branded – it just will not be by us.

We must know who we are as followers of Christ. If we do not nail that down, we cannot share the magnificence of that brand with anyone else.

Our world is searching for identity. We have the solution! But if we do not know the transformative power of our role and position as a son or daughter of Christ, how can we hope to help anyone else learn about it? 

(2) Does what we have to offer matter? (Brand Texture)

If a person is homeless, we come along and see this need that they have, then we step into that real need and tell them “Jesus loves you! Let’s pray that God will provide for your needs!” What is that person going to think about the Jesus that we are serving to them?

Are we relevant to the needs of the people around us or have we become so archaic in our practices that we no longer communicate?

When those outside of the church see us, are they hungry to know more? Do our lives so reflect God’s love in practical ways that others are drawn to us?

Or are we spending so much time infighting, running away from the morals we are preaching about, or persecuting those outside of the church that we are creating revulsion, rather than hunger?

(3) Are we really who we say we are? (Brand Integrity)

If we have sold our friends the advertisement of “Happy Meal Christiantiy” or “Disneyland Christianity,” and then they come into fellowship with us and realize, “Wow, I still have a ton of problems in my life! I thought they would all magically disappear,” are we sharing the same gospel that Jesus did? No.

  • Jesus said, “In this world you will have many troubles (John 16:33)”
  • He also said, “Sell all you own and follow me (Mark 10:17-20)”
  • And what about when He said, “If they persecuted me, they will persecute you also (John 15.20)”

Following Christ is not easy. It is worth it, but it is anything but easy or simple. If we are boiling down the gospel to a happy meal presentation, we are no better than a telemarketer who baits their customers and switches the product once the buyer has purchased it.

As we share Christ with others, we must have the following in our “Brand”

  • Definitive Identity. We know who we are.
  • Relevance. What we have to say matters.
  • Integrity. Our “say” and our “do” MUST match. No bait and switch please!




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