Posted by: JennyRain | November 10, 2009

What matters most is NOT how you are seen, but how you see yourself

This is one of my favorite photos.

When I walked into my office at MBC for the first time, behind the door, was a very similar picture of a cat imagining himself as a lion. It is a reminder to me when the days come that require you to close your door because of the madness around you – that who you are is largely a reflection of how you envision yourself.

Proverbs 23:7 teaches, “For as [one] thinks in his heart, so is he.”

I love a commentary on this verse that discusses this concept of how we view ourselves:

We live in a society absorbed with its own feelings. Today, people are addicted to seeing themselves as victims and demanding special tolerance, favor, acceptance, or gifts. Yet a mind concerned with its own painful experiences, rejections, mistakes, or emotional hurts is one that refuses healing. These emotions comfort like old bandages, and many are afraid to see what is underneath. Some cling to them because they give special “handicap” privileges, and they use them to justify what they believe, say or do. It is a demonic delusion because it only perpetuates the pain and denies the freedom or forgiveness that God offers. (1)

Wow. How we see ourselves is directly related to our ability to recover from difficult situations in our lives.

Our capacity for resilience is impacted by who we believe we are. I would add that as followers of Christ, Whose we believe we are is imperative to the healing process as well.

My Pastor from Georgia, Pastor Lee Ross used to say when teaching any passage on healing, “First, we must know WHO and WHOSE we are.”

We are created in the image of Christ.

We are “image bearers,” yet, as Pastor Joe Henriques here at MBC says in Finding the Promised Land, “Being created in the image of God enables you to do good things, but that image alone cannot free us from the oppression of being separated from God by sin.”

He says “We were made to experience righteousness, peace, and joy because we were made in God’s image, yet our experience is disallowed because of the law of sin and death. Jesus has set us free from this law, and the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us keeps us free.”

We cannot fully know WHO or WHOSE we are until we resolve the separation that exists between us and God because of our sinful nature.

Do you know that you are Christ’s own? 

How can you have God’s forgiveness, heaven and eternal life, and Jesus as personal Savior and Lord?

By trusting in Christ and asking Him for forgiveness. Take the step of faith described by another meaning of FAITH: Forsaking All I Trust Him. You can do this simply by talking to God and telling him that you have a desire for Christ to change your life. You don’t need fancy words–only an honest heart. You can pray something like this:

Lord Jesus, I know I am a sinner and have displeased You in many ways. I believe You died for my sin, and only through faith in Your death and resurrection can I be forgiven. I want to turn from my sin and ask You to come into my life as my Savior and Lord. From this day on, I will follow You by living a life that pleases You. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for saving me. Amen.

Once that matter is “settled on earth” it is also “settled in heaven.”

Now, I’ll ask again, how do you see yourself? Do you now know WHO and WHOSE you are?

Anything that is out of line with who God tells you that you are is simply not truth. If your mind is telling you that you are a victim, it is a lie. God says that you are victorious in Christ (2 Corinthians 2:14-16). If your mind is telling you that you cannot survive another day, it is a lie. God says that you can do all things through Him who gives you strength (Ph 4:13).

YOU are now hidden with Christ in God and the evil one cannot touch you (Col 3.3) so replace that “stinkin thinkin” with the truth of your new identity!

I am…. 





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  2. I love that picture. And it’s SO TRUE!

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