Posted by: JennyRain | November 3, 2009

Hooked on a Feeling

Ouga Chaka chaka chaka ouga chaka chaka chaka!

I can’t stop this feeling
Deep inside of me.
…I’mmm, I’mmm Hooked on a feeling.

This was my morning shower song. I have learned to pay attention to these random songs that pour through my head as I am getting ready in the morning concluding that one of three things is happening:

(a) The voices in my head are bored and have commenced singing to keep themselves occupied
(b) There is something that my subconscious is trying to tell me about the topic at hand and I need to pay attention
(c) All attempts at medicating my psyche have completely failed and I need to try a new strategy

It is really quite entertaining, these morning songs that have arrived in my conscious awareness this last couple of years.

I often find myself wondering what incites the gerbils in my brain to begin moving at so early of an hour.

They definitely keep me entertained and are a great way to wake up the day. I think that the songs were always there, I just never paid attention before. The songs range from full-fledged orchestral pieces to just a single voice tinkling out a melody.

One thing is consistent though in that it is always parts of the songs, rather than the songs in full. This is probably as much of an indication of my lack of long-term memory recall rather than some deep philosophical meaning behind the fact that I am only repeating the same four lines thirty-seven times.

It gives me this picture of a bunch of gerbils running across a keyboard pounding out the same melody over and over (Think scene in the movie Big)

I often wonder what prompts my brain to produce such profoundly priceless moments such as these morning melodies…

And should I be worried? Or is this the norm for the human brain?

Perhaps the songs are trying to tell me something exceptionally extraordinary. Like this morning’s song for instance. It covered the topic of feelings. “I’m hooked on a feeling” says the song. The songster is so hooked on the feeling that they can’t stop it. This feeling is coming from a deep place within them, so incredibly deep that the first line demonstrates their lack of ability to name the words that describe it…

Ouga chaka ouga chaka…

Like, how often do we make huge decisions “based on a feeling”? I would love to think that I am entirely logical in my approach to problem solving, but unfortunately feelings sometimes have their way. Even when I am trying to think through a decision, well…

Ouga chaka ouga chaka chaka chaka…

So go the voices in my head…over… and over… singing gerbils…day after day. I wonder what tomorrow’s song will be?





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