Posted by: JennyRain | November 2, 2009

Life as a Crossword Puzzle

If you were to create a cross-word puzzle that described your life – what would be on it?

I love crossword puzzles. Crossword puzzles keep me interested. Crossword puzzles keep me engaged. I can get my entire family involved when I am working on a crossword puzzle.

Like the thanksgiving we spent with my family in Indiana. My step-brother and sis-in-law had finished the turkey and vittles early, so we had some time to spare. I found an unfinished crossword puzzle on the table and started to finish it. Within fifteen minutes, everyone was calling out answers and working together to finish the puzzle. It was a blast!

What is so great about crossword puzzles?

First, the best crossword puzzles have a theme.

Not all crossword puzzles appear to have a theme at first, but after working on them for awhile, you can often get a sense of what was on the designers mind when conceiving the puzzle.

Sometimes crossword puzzles have references to literature, or movies, many have a vacation theme, but in each case, you can only get clues to an underlying theme as you begin working on them!

Second, crossword puzzles are portable and multi-media friendly.

No matter what generation you came from, you can find a crossword puzzle to fit your needs. There are paper and pen crossword puzzles, PC crossword puzzles, crossword puzzles for your iPhone, Mac, crossword puzzles for your blackberry, crossword puzzle books, crossword puzzle… well, you get the idea.

Third, crossword puzzles have a definite finishing point.

Some crossword puzzles take longer than others, some are more difficult, and some are now made in different shapes. I have even seen a crossword puzzle that spans an entire wall. But the fact remains, each puzzle allows you to achieve completion if you do not give up.

Fourth, the best crossword puzzles keep you engaged.

Though I admit, I have put down some crossword puzzles in frustration and I remain baffled by those guys on a plane who can finish one between lift off and touch down, but no matter the difficulty of the puzzle I remain fascinated by the complexity and challenge of each crossword puzzle.

So considering those elements,

  1. Theme-based
  2. Flexible & Portable
  3. Definite finishing point
  4. Engaging

How could a crossword puzzle describe YOUR life?

Consider the following in developing your own “Life Crossword Puzzle” …

  • What would your theme be?
  • What clues would you include?
  • Would your crossword puzzle be a square? A circle? or some other geometric shape?
  • Would your crossword puzzle equally use the black and white spaces to create a design? Or would you go with the standard black and white, up and down rows? Maybe your crossword puzzle would be pink, or purple, instead of black and white.
  • How would you arrange the words and letters? What words would connect with each other?
  • Which words would be across the puzzle from each other?
  • Would you include people’s names in the puzzle who have had an impact on you? How might you describe these people?
  • How would you give the crossword puzzle color, life, intensity?
  • What would you do to ensure the crossword puzzle keeps people engaged?
  • What would you do when you are done with the crossword? Display it? Fold it up and put it in a drawer?

No matter what the design, theme, or completion style of your crossword is, the good news is, it is uniquely you!




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