Posted by: JennyRain | September 30, 2009

Social media and Church

Are we as a church using social media as effectively as we can to do what we are called to do?

(Heal the broken-hearted, preach the Good news, proclaim freedom to the captives, and comfort those who mourn.)

Or is it becoming yet another vehicle to express OUR goings-on, OUR events; OUR interests; OUR opinions?

For the church to be effective in its use of social media, what must we consider?

From my cursory examination of how we as the body of Christ are currently using social media, it appears as if we are simply doing what we have done for many years – “sell” the gospel; “promote” our thinking/church/event/beliefs; and invite others to come to us. 

Yet, when Christ came – He came to give. He met people where they were. Christ left the temple (Lk 4.38)  and performed the majority of His ministry in the streets, villages, and towns. Christ reached out to meet other’s needs. 

Please note, I am not trying to criticize, my goal is simply to enter into the conversation about social media and the church so that I can learn more.

As the body of Christ are we using social media to meet people where they are or are we simply using it to promote our own self interests?

I wonder if we examined our attempts at integrating social media against the following question: Does this tweet give back? Does this facebook page provide a service to others? Do the YouTube videos we have posted meet others where they are in their time of need?

Personally, I was fine with how we were doing with the integration of “church-stuff” and “social-media-stuff” – and then I read a blog by Kem Meyer that challenged me (She had been inspired through this Fast Company article). I began to contemplate our use – as spiritual organizations – of this tool and I began to question whether this use was “self- or other-” serving.

Though I do not know the answers to my questions yet, what I do know is that now the questions have started to weave themselves into the landscape of my thinking and hopefully that will inform how I choose to participate in the conversation about how we, as churches, more effectively use social media.



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