Posted by: JennyRain | September 28, 2009

Unsolicited. Advertising Irritants.


Unsolicited faxes and emails irk me. If I have never asked for a copy of your latest vacation specials, your hot new marketing database, free credit scores, trade secrets, back-to-school savings, or new-and-improved nicorrette ice mint gum, please help me understand why you are informing me of these things?

How did you get my fax number anyway? And who invited you to use it – at my expense?

In case you have not yet noticed, by sending me unsolicited advertisements you are accomplishing one thing only – killing trees. Well, perhaps two – killing trees and annoying potential consumers.

And now that I am getting your bothersome advertisements, please help me to understand this…

Why it is suddenly my responsiblity to remove myself from your list that I never asked to be on in the first place?

If I have not asked to be on your list, why are you asking me to take time out of my day to remove myself from a list I did not sign up on?

Not sure if you have read the statistics on your grand marketing ideas? Perhaps you missed that day in Marketing 101? Consumers today trust peer recommendations (78%) more than advertising campaigns anyway (13%). 

In light of that news perhaps a better use of your time would be to make more friends, not generate more ads.


Sales Guy



  1. The real answer to this is getting rid of the fax machine 😉 seriously! Who uses those any more 😉

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